Dreamflows Realtime Report - Oct 13, 2015 @ 7:15pm PDT

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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California Sierra - West Slope - Southern
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

California North Coast   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
No. Smith  At Gasquet (est)   5:45pm  Low      Apr 23 Estimate is outside the model's range of 500-10000 cfs
Mi. Smith  At Gasquet (est)   5:45pm  Low      Apr 23 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-6000 cfs
Smith  Steel Pipe At Gasquet   n/a        Apr 23 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Smith  At Oregon Hole Gorge (est)   6:45pm  Low      Apr 23 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-8000 cfs
So. Smith  Near Hiouchi (est)   6:45pm  Low      2012 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-8000 cfs
Smith  At Jedediah Smith   6:45pm  205   4.68ft   2014  
Klamath  J.C. Boyle Schedule (sched)   9:30pm  800       
Klamath  Below J.C. Boyle Plant   5:45pm  1,610   4.82ft    
Klamath  Below Iron Gate Dam   6:15pm  1,030   2.33ft   2009  
Shasta  Near Yreka   7:00pm  95   3.13ft    
Klamath  Below Seiad Valley   6:00pm  1,130   2.13ft   2009 Falling 43 cfs/hr
Kidder Creek  Below Babs Fork (est)   n/a        2011 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Scott  Near Fort Jones   6:30pm    3.09ft   2010  
Indian Creek  Near Happy Camp (Klamath)   6:45pm  26   3.42ft    
Klamath  At Orleans   6:30pm  1,430   2.41ft   2009 Water 63°F
Klamath  At Klamath Glen   6:30pm  2,350   8.30ft    
No. Salmon  Near Forks of Salmon (est)   4:30pm  Low      2014 Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-4000 cfs
So. Salmon  At Forks of Salmon (est)   4:30pm  Low      2014 Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-4000 cfs
Salmon  At Somes Bar   6:30pm  129   1.84ft   2014  
Coffee Creek  Above Trinity River (est)   n/a        2011 No estimate for this time of year
Trinity  Above Coffee Creek   6:30pm  23   3.09ft   2008  
Trinity  Inflow Clair Engle Lake   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Trinity  Below Lewiston Dam   6:30pm  467   13.87ft   Sep 16 Schedule
Trinity  At Douglas City   7:00pm  486   6.36ft   Sep 16 Water 54°F
Indian Creek  Near Douglas City   6:30pm    0.81ft   2012  
No. Trinity  At Helena   6:00pm  21   3.82ft   2014  
Trinity  At Pigeon Point   5:45pm  472      Sep 16  
Trinity  At Cedar Flat   5:45pm  478   2.69ft   Sep 16  
New River  At Denny (est)   n/a        2008 No estimate for this time of year
New River  New River Gorge (est)   n/a        2011 Recent trends + Realtime flow currently unavailable
Hayfork Creek  At Hyampom (est)   n/a        No estimate for this time of year
So. Trinity  At Forest Glen (est)   n/a        No estimate for this time of year
So. Trinity  Below Hyampom   6:30pm  27   2.54ft   2010  
Trinity  At Hoopa   6:00pm  580   11.38ft   Sep 16 Water 64°F
Redwood Creek  At Hwy 299   5:45pm    1.16ft   2012  
Redwood Creek  At Orick   6:15pm    9.04ft   2009  
Mad River  Above Ruth Lake   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mad River  At Arcata   6:45pm  43   4.49ft   2011  
Van Duzen  At Bridgeville   6:15pm    0.03ft   2014  
Mi. Eel  Near Dos Rios   6:00pm    2.69ft   2011  
So. Eel  At Leggett   6:30pm  12   5.40ft   2012  
Eel  Rel Lake Pillsbury (est)   n/a        2015 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Eel  Inflow Van Arsdale (est)   n/a        2010 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Eel  Below Outlet Creek (est)   n/a        2010 No estimate for this time of year
Eel  At Fort Seward   6:15pm  18   6.82ft   2009  
Eel  At Scotia   6:15pm  51   9.04ft   2009  
Mattole  Near Ettersburg   6:00pm    8.53ft   2010  
Noyo River  Below South Fork   6:15pm    1.86ft    
Rancheria Creek  At Mountain View Rd (est)   n/a        2010 No estimate for this time of year
Navarro  Near Navarro   6:15pm    1.31ft   2010  
So. Gualala  Near Sea Ranch   5:45pm    4.09ft    
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California Central/South Coast   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
E. Fk Russian  Above Lake Mendocino   6:15pm  24   5.22ft    
Big Sulphur Cr  At Geysers Resort   6:15pm    3.68ft    
Big Sulphur Cr  Near Cloverdale   6:30pm    19.74ft   2015  
Russian  At Hopland   6:00pm  69      2010 Water 68°F
Russian  Near Cloverdale   7:00pm  77   2.03ft   2015  
Russian  Near Healdsburg   6:45pm  51   1.03ft   2009  
Mark West Creek  Near Santa Rosa (est)   n/a        2014 No estimate for this time of year
Napa  Near Napa   6:00pm    2.64ft   2009  
Arroyo Mocho  Near Livermore   n/a        Site currently not operational
Arroyo Valle  Above Lake Del Valle   5:45pm    0.53ft   2009  
Alameda Creek  Near Niles   6:00pm  22   2.86ft   2006 Water 70°F
Arroyo Hondo  Near San Jose   7:00pm    3.97ft   2010 Water 35°F
Guadalupe  At San Jose   6:00pm    4.78ft    
San Francisquito Cr  At Stanford University   6:00pm    0.09ft    
Coyote Creek  Above Coyote Lake   6:15pm    1.37ft    
Pescadero Creek  Near Pescadero   7:00pm    0.72ft    
San Lorenzo  At Felton   6:30pm    2.75ft   2014  
San Lorenzo  At Santa Cruz   7:00pm    5.47ft    
San Antonio  Near Lockwood   6:15pm    2.65ft    
Carmel  At Robles Del Rio   6:15pm    0.83ft    
Carmel  Near Carmel   6:00pm    2.90ft    
Big Sur  Near Big Sur   6:15pm    4.02ft    
Big Sur  Andrew Molera State Park   n/a        Site currently not operational
Arroyo Seco  Near Greenfield   6:15pm     6.18ft   2014  
Arroyo Seco  Near Soledad   6:00pm        
Cuyama  Below Buckhorn Canyon   6:30pm    5.74ft    
Santa Ynez  Below Los Laureles Canyon   6:45pm    1.11ft    
Piru Creek  Above Pyramid Lake   7:00pm    0.68ft    
Piru Creek  Above Frenchmans Flat   n/a        Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Piru Creek  Above Lake Piru   6:15pm    2.64ft   2008  
Piru Creek  Below Lake Piru   5:45pm    1.57ft   2011  
Sespe Creek  Near Fillmore   6:15pm    4.09ft    
Los Angeles  Below Sepulveda Dam   6:00pm  34   0.63ft    
Los Angeles  Above Rio Hondo   6:15pm  BRT   1.54ft   Jul 31  
Santa Margarita  Near Temecula   6:00pm    1.66ft   Water 77°F
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California Sacramento Valley   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
Sacramento  Below Box Canyon Dam   n/a        2014 Recent flows + Realtime flow currently unavailable
Sacramento  At Delta   6:30pm  179   3.89ft   2014  
McCloud  Above McCloud Res   6:30pm  519   1.11ft   2015  
McCloud  Below McCloud Dam   5:45pm  248       
McCloud  At Ah-Di-Na   5:45pm  244   1.42ft   2009  
McCloud  At Shasta Lake   7:00pm  269   9.45ft   2010 Water 52°F
Pit  Above Pit 1 Powerhouse   5:00pm  501      May 18  
Pit  Below Pit 1 Powerhouse   7:00pm  1,390   5.74ft   2014  
Pit  Below Pit 3 Dam   4:00pm  317       
Pit  Below Pit 4 Dam   4:00pm  408      2011  
Pit  At Big Bend   4:00pm  449      May 18  
Clear Creek  Below Whiskeytown Lake   6:45pm  233   3.42ft   2012 Schedule + Water 60°F
So. Battle Creek  Above NF Confluence   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Battle Creek  Above Baldwin Creek   n/a        Insufficient data available to estimate flow
Battle Creek  At Coleman Fish Hatchery   6:30pm  183   0.90ft   2010 Falling 2 cfs/hr
No. Cottonwood  Above Middle Fork (est)   n/a        2010 No estimate for this time of year
Mi. Cottonwood  Above North Fork (est)   n/a        2009 No estimate for this time of year
So. Cottonwood  At Bowman Road (est)   n/a        2009 No estimate for this time of year
Sacramento  At Bend Bridge   6:45pm  7,300   2.27ft   2011 Water 59°F
Antelope Creek  Above Cone Grove Rd (est)   n/a        2012 No estimate for this time of year
Elder Creek  At Lowrey Road   7:00pm    0.60ft   2009  
Mill Creek  At End of Canyon   5:45pm  73   1.59ft   2009 Water 63°F
Deer Creek  Near Vina   6:15pm  74   1.59ft   2011 Water 65°F
Stony Creek  Above Stony Creek Res   6:00pm  23   891.40ft    
Grindstone Creek  Near Grindstone Rancheria   6:00pm    630.73ft    
Stony Creek  Above Black Butte Lake   6:00pm    495.98ft    
Butte Creek  Near Chico   6:00pm  63   1.05ft   2012 Water 64°F
No. Cache Creek  Above Indian Valley Res   6:00pm    2.67ft    
No. Cache Creek  Rel Indian Valley Dam   7:00pm  10   1.10ft   May 27  
Cache Creek  Below Clear Lake   6:30pm    2.03ft    
Bear Creek  Above Cache Creek   6:30pm    3.89ft   2008  
Cache Creek  At Rumsey Bridge (Gage) (est)   5:45pm    1.62ft   2014  
Cache Creek  At Rumsey Bridge (Calc) (est)   8:30pm  15      Apr 22 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
Putah Creek  Below Hwy 29   6:30pm    3.52ft    
Putah Creek  Below Lake Berryessa   6:00pm  240   7.07ft   Aug 18  
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California Sierra - West Slope - Northern   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
Indian Creek  Below Indian Falls   7:00pm  17   6.64ft   2011  
Spanish Creek  Near Keddie   6:30pm  13   0.65ft   2014  
Eb. No. Feather  Below Virgilia (est)   9:30pm  Low      2014 Estimate is outside the model's range of 150-4000 cfs
No. Feather  Below Rock Creek Dam   4:00pm  180      Sep 27  
No. Feather  Below Grizzly Creek   4:00pm  182      2014  
No. Feather  Below Poe Dam   4:00pm  121      2014  
West Br Feather  At Whiskey Flat Bridge   1:30am  BRT      2013  
Mi. Feather  Below Sloat (est)   n/a        2008 No estimate for this time of year
Mi. Feather  At Milsap Bar   6:00pm  169   5.20ft   2012 Please report trip
So. Feather  Below Little Grass Valley   6:00pm  393   9.41ft   Sep 23 Schedule + Water 53°F
So. Feather  Below SF Diversion Dam   6:15pm    5.26ft   Water 54°F
Lost Creek  Below Lost Creek Res   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
So. Feather  Below Forbestown Div Dam   6:15pm    4.49ft   2011 Water 60°F
Lavezzola Creek  Above Downie River (est)   n/a        2011 No estimate for this time of year
Pauley Creek  At Pauley Creek Falls (est)   n/a        2012 No estimate for this time of year
No. Yuba  At Sierra City (est)   n/a        2014 No estimate for this time of year
No. Yuba  Below Goodyears Bar   6:45pm  73   1.33ft   2014  
No. Yuba  Above Slate Creek   6:30pm  94   3.76ft    
Slate Creek  Below Diversion Dam   6:15pm    4.43ft   Water 57°F
No. Yuba  Inflow New Bullards Bar (est)   3:00pm  115      Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
No. Yuba  Below New Bullards Bar   n/a        2011 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mi. Yuba  Below Jackson Meadows   6:45pm  48      2011  
Mi. Yuba  Below Milton Dam   6:45pm    4.65ft   2011  
Mi. Yuba  Above Our House Dam   5:00am  17      Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Mi. Yuba  Below Our House Dam   6:00pm       2014  
So. Yuba  Near Cisco   5:15pm    1.82ft   2013 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Fordyce Creek  Below Fordyce Dam   5:15pm  40   2.39ft   2014 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Canyon Creek  Below French Lake   n/a        2014 Site currently not operational
Canyon Creek  Below Bowman Lake   6:30pm    3.79ft   2014  
So. Yuba  At Lang Crossing   5:15pm  11   36.12ft   2014 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
So. Yuba  At Hwy 49 Bridge   6:00pm       2014  
Yuba  Below Englebright Dam   6:00pm  682   6.63ft   Water 55°F
Deer Creek  Near Smartville   6:00pm    1.18ft    
Yuba  Below Deer Creek   6:00pm  684       
Bear  At Hwy 20 Bridge   5:15pm  51   1.40ft   2008 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Bear  Below Drum Afterbay   5:15pm    0.64ft   2008 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Bear  Below Dutch Flat Afterbay   6:30pm  12      2011  
Bear  At Hwy 174 Bridge   6:30pm  111   1.30ft   2011  
No. American  Inflow Lake Clementine   6:30pm  39   0.33ft   2014  
Rubicon  Below Hell Hole Dam   n/a        2013 Site currently not operational
Rubicon  At Ellicott Bridge   5:45pm  100   2.44ft   2013 Data are preliminary and subject to revision
Mi. American  NF at Mosquito Ridge Rd (est)   n/a        2013 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mi. American  Above Tunnel Chute   7:00pm  156   8.35ft   Jul 9  
Silver Fk American  Below Oyster Creek   6:00pm       2013  
Silver Fk American  Above SF American (est)   6:00pm  26      2013  
So. American  Below Kyburz   6:00pm  26   1.62ft   2013  
South Silver  At Autobahn (est)   n/a        2012 Site currently not operational
So. Silver Cr  Below Ice House Res   n/a        2012 Site currently not operational
Silver Creek  Below Camino Dam   6:00pm        
So. American  Slab Creek Res Elevation   6:00pm     1834.89ft    
So. American  Below Slab Creek Dam   6:00pm  64      Jul 15  
So. American  At Chili Bar   6:30pm  178   1.10ft   Oct 13 Schedule + News and Rumors
No. Weber Creek  Inflow Weber Res   6:00pm    0.91ft   2013  
So. American  Below Weber Creek   6:45pm        Reports only water temperature + Water 64°F
American  Folsom Lake Elevation   5:00pm  424   357.17ft   2014  
American  Below Lake Natoma   7:00pm  593   4.29ft   2012  
No. Cosumnes  At Sand Ridge Rd   6:00pm    4.21ft    
Mi. Cosumnes  At Mt Aukum Rd   6:00pm  11   2.56ft   2014  
Cosumnes  At Michigan Bar   6:30pm    1.15ft   2014 Water 75°F
No. Mokelumne  Salt Springs Inflow   n/a        Aug 16 Realtime flow currently unavailable
No. Mokelumne  Below Salt Springs Res   4:00pm  19      2009  
No. Mokelumne  Above Tiger Cr Afterbay   4:00pm  39      May 18  
No. Mokelumne  Below Tiger Creek Dam   4:00pm  44      2014  
No. Mokelumne  Below West Point P.H.   4:00pm  45      2008  
Mokelumne  Below Electra Powerhouse   5:00pm  187      May 18  
Mokelumne  Inflow Pardee Res (est)   6:00pm  190      May 18 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
Calaveras  Below New Hogan Dam   6:00pm  26   0.85ft    
Highland Creek  Near No. Stan Confluence   6:30pm  107      2013  
No. Stanislaus  At Avery   6:30pm  108      May 22 Water 59°F
Mi. Stanislaus  Near Kennedy Meadow   4:00pm  35       
Mi. Stanislaus  Inflow Donnell Lake   n/a        2014 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mi. Stanislaus  Below Sand Bar Flat Dam   4:00pm  60      2011  
So. Stanislaus  At Strawberry   4:00pm  63      2010  
So. Stanislaus  Below Philadelphia Div   4:00pm  24      2010  
Stanislaus  At Camp Nine (est)   5:00pm  792      Aug 1  
Stanislaus  Inflow New Melones Lake   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Stanislaus  At Orange Blossom Bridge   6:45pm  231   2.22ft   Sep 28 Water 69°F
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California Sierra - West Slope - Southern   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
Tuolumne  Above Hetch Hetchy Res   6:30pm  14   6.81ft   Water 61°F
Tuolumne  Below Hetch Hetchy   5:45pm  37   2.72ft   Water 52°F
Tuolumne  Above Early Intake   6:45pm  37   12.17ft   Water 65°F
Cherry Creek  Above Cherry Lake Gage   6:00pm    0.61ft   May 15  
Cherry Creek  Above Cherry Lake Calc (est)   n/a        May 15 Graph + Site currently not operational
Cherry Creek  Below Cherry Lake   7:00pm  181   6.55ft   2006 Water 62°F
Cherry Creek  Above Holm Powerhouse   6:15pm  26   1.75ft   2006 Water 64°F
Cherry Creek  Below Holm Powerhouse   6:45pm  599   7.92ft   Sep 25 Water 64°F
Tuolumne  Below Early Intake   6:30pm  38   3.08ft   Sep 25 Water 64°F
Tuolumne  At Mushroom (est)   7:30pm  637      Sep 25 90% confidence actual flow is between 600 and 675 cfs
Mi. Tuolumne  Above So. Fork Confluence   7:00pm    0.98ft   Sep 25  
So. Tuolumne  At Rainbow Pool   7:00pm    1.69ft   Sep 25  
Tuolumne  At Merals Pool (est)   7:00pm  640      Sep 25 90% confidence actual flow is between 600 and 675 cfs
Clavey  Near Hunter Bend (est)   n/a        2011 No estimate for this time of year
Tuolumne  At Wards Ferry   n/a        Sep 25 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Tuolumne  New Don Pedro Elevation   6:00pm     671.52ft    
Tuolumne  Inflow New Don Pedro Res   n/a        Sep 25 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Tuolumne  Outflow New Don Pedro Res   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Merced  At Pohono Bridge   6:00pm  11   0.85ft   2007  
So. Merced  At Wawona   6:45pm    1.51ft   2008  
So. Merced  At Hwy 140 Bridge (est)   n/a        2008 No estimate for this time of year
Merced  Below Briceburg   6:15pm  15   19.03ft   2013  
Merced  Inflow Lake McClure   n/a        2007 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Fresno  Above Hensley Lake   5:45pm  BRT      2009  
Mi. San Joaquin  At Devils Postpile   6:00pm    2.57ft   2010  
San Joaquin  At Miller Crossing (est)   n/a        2009 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mono Creek  Below Lake Edison   5:00pm  26   4.89ft   2008  
So. San Joaquin  Below Florence Lake   5:00pm  15   2.84ft   2006  
San Joaquin  Below Mammoth Pool Res   5:00pm  13   2.71ft   2013  
San Joaquin  Chawanakee Gorge   5:00pm    2205.68ft   2010  
San Joaquin  Below Stevenson Creek   4:00pm        
No. Willow Creek  Near Sugar Pine   5:45pm    2.39ft   2006  
San Joaquin  Below Redinger Lake   5:00pm  41   4.46ft   2006  
San Joaquin  At Horseshoe Bend   5:00pm  43      2013  
San Joaquin  At Patterson Bend   5:45pm  21   4.46ft   2006  
San Joaquin  At Squaw Leap Falls   n/a        2006 Realtime flow currently unavailable
San Joaquin  Inflow Millerton Lake   n/a        2006 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Dinkey Creek  At Dinkey Meadow (est)   n/a        No estimate for this time of year
Dinkey Creek  Above North Fork Kings (est)   n/a        2009 Insufficient data available to estimate flow
No. Kings  Below Balch Diversion Dam   5:45pm    1.61ft   2007  
No. Kings  Above Dinkey Creek (est)   6:30pm  BRT   1.21ft   2011  
No. Kings  Below Dinkey Creek   6:30pm  31   0.94ft   2012  
So. Kings  Above Roaring River   6:30pm  52   1.97ft   Water 57°F
So. Kings  Above Boyden Cave   6:30pm  67   3.88ft   Water 59°F
Kings  At Rodgers Crossing (est)   6:45pm  Low      2009 Estimate is outside the model's range of 150--1 cfs
Kings  Inflow Pine Flat Res   n/a        2011 Insufficient data available to estimate flow
Kings  Rel Pine Flat Lake   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Mill Creek  Above Kings River   6:00pm    1.22ft    
Marble Fk Kaweah  Near Lodgepole   5:45pm    6.90ft   Water 48°F
No. Kaweah  At Kaweah (est)   n/a        No estimate for this time of year
Kaweah  At Three Rivers   6:15pm  18   1.62ft   2007  
Kaweah  Inflow Terminus Res   n/a        2009 Realtime flow currently unavailable
Kaweah  Below Terminus Dam   6:00pm  71   1.37ft   Water 75°F
Tule  Near Springville   6:30pm    1.90ft    
No. Kern  Above Fairview Dam   6:00pm  88      
No. Kern  Below Fairview Dam   6:00pm  46      
No. Kern  At Kernville   6:00pm  82   4.47ft   2014  
Brush Creek  At Take-Out Bridge   n/a        2014 Realtime flow currently unavailable
So. Kern  Near Onyx   6:30pm    3.53ft   2009  
Kern  Above Borel Powerhouse   6:15pm  97   4.65ft   2006 Water 64°F
Kern  Rel Lake Isabella   6:00pm  98      2008  
Kern  Below Democrat (est)   9:00pm  50      2006 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
Kern  Below Kern Canyon PH Div   6:30pm  109       
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California Sierra - East Slope   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
Susan  At Susanville   7:00pm  21   3.65ft    
Truckee  Below Lake Tahoe   6:00pm    1.18ft   2014  
Truckee  Near Truckee   6:30pm    0.76ft   2006  
Truckee  At Boca Bridge   6:15pm  80   5.30ft    
Truckee  Near Floriston   6:30pm  101   2.55ft   2012  
E. Fk Carson  Near Markleeville   7:00pm  29   2.14ft   2014  
E. Fk Carson  Near Gardnerville   6:30pm  41   8.78ft   2011  
West Walker  At Little Walker River   6:30pm  20   1.03ft   2009  
West Walker  At Walker   6:15pm  23   2.94ft    
East Walker  Near Bridgeport   6:30pm  19   2.43ft    
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Nevada Rivers   Time          Flow         Gauge   BBS Comments
Bruneau  At Rowland   6:30pm    2.06ft    
Jarbidge  Below Jarbidge   6:00pm    3.04ft    
E. Fk Owyhee  At Crutcher Crossing   n/a        Realtime flow currently unavailable
Truckee  Near Floriston   6:30pm  101   2.55ft   2012  
Truckee  At Reno   6:15pm  59   2.91ft    
E. Fk Carson  Near Markleeville   7:00pm  29   2.14ft   2014  
E. Fk Carson  Near Gardnerville   6:30pm  41   8.78ft   2011  
Carson  Near Carson City   6:15pm    1.21ft   2011  
West Walker  At Little Walker River   6:30pm  20   1.03ft   2009  
West Walker  At Walker   6:15pm  23   2.94ft    
East Walker  Near Bridgeport   6:30pm  19   2.43ft    
Lower Colorado  Below Hoover Dam   12:30pm  10,854       
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Other Dreamflows Reports

This report is also available in CSV format.  See CSV Conversions to load reports into Microsoft Excel, etc.
A complete list of available reports and report formats is available on the River Flow Reports page.
Key to Symbols

Estimate Information

All flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates - which means they may well be incorrect.  For this reason, don't undertake expensive or time-consuming trips based solely on the estimate (or if you do, accept the possibility of being skunked).  Always try to confirm the sanity of the estimate by means of rainfall, snowpack, similar flows in similar drainages, word of mouth, etc.

Note 1  Confidence information appearing in the Comments column of the report means Dreamflows calculated the flow using a statistically-derived model.  In that case, two things.  Firstly, that confidence information is theoretical - it's based on the available historical data, which may or may not cover the current water year type.  Secondly, a confidence of (say) 85% sounds wonderful, but don't forget that also means there's a 15% chance the actual flow will be outside the given range.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 2  Reservoir calculations are based on storage change.  Though useful indicators of flow trends, they can at times be amazingly inaccurate, especially if the reservoir is large.  See the Dreamflows FAQ for details.

Note 3  When gauge height is available but river flow is not, where possible, Dreamflows converts gauge height to river flow using a rating table.  The rating table used is the most currently-available, but still usually out-of-date, so the reported flow will probably be inaccurate to some extent.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 4  Good-faith projections by the operating utility are usually reliable, but even so the scheduled releases might not occur, or be different than projected.  Reasons for this include (but are not limited to) operational, health, safety and legal.

Note 5  Informal projections by the operating utility are usually fairly reliable, however they can (and sometimes do) change radically without notice.  It's good to take these predictions with a grain of salt.

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