Dreamflows Event Schedules
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Event Schedules - California

2018 Schedule
Dates Description Info
Apr 28-29 Kern River Festival, Riverside Park in Kernville, CA Web Page
May 19-20 Cache Creek Races, Cache Creek Regional Park Campground, near Rumsey, CA Web Page
June 9 Auburn River Festival, China Bar, North Fork American, CA Web Page
July 21 Eppie's Great Race, American River Parkway, Sacramento County, CA Web Page
Sep 21-23 Feather River Festival, Tobin, CA Web Page
Sep 29-30 Mokelumne River Races, Mokelumne River, CA Web Page

Event Schedules - Nevada

2018 Schedule
Dates Description Info
May 12-13 Reno River Festival, Truckee River, Downtown Reno, NV Web Page

Event Schedules - Idaho

2018 Schedule
Dates Description Info
June 14-16 Payette North Fork Championship, near Banks, ID Web Page

Event Schedules - Oregon

2018 Schedule
Dates Description Info
May 19-20 Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival, near Estacada, OR Web Page


League of Northwest Whitewater Racers - Schedules
United States Wildwater Team

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