Dreamflows Daily Report - Sat, Dec 3, 2022
Northwest States

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Idaho Rivers
Montana Rivers
Oregon Coastal Rivers
Oregon Central Rivers
Oregon Eastern Rivers
Washington Rivers
Wyoming Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
Oregon Coastal Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
WilliamsonNear Klamath Agencynoon0 0 0
KlamathAt Kenonoon650 650 625 Water 35°F
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle Damnoon115 120 120 Schedule
KlamathJ.C. Boyle Schedule (sched)noon300 700 300 Buy the Guidebook + Schedule
KlamathBelow J.C. Boyle Plantnoon350 775 360 Buy the Guidebook + Water 43°F
ChetcoNear Brookingsnoon825 1,150 2,500
Mi. ApplegateAbove Applegate Lake (est)3pm30 30 42 2011 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
Carberry CreekAbove Applegate Lake (est)3pmLow Low Low 2008
ApplegateBelow Applegate Dam4pm125 125 125 
IllinoisNear Kerbynoon480 675 1,350 2021
No. RogueAbove North Fork Res9am360 360 390 2016 
No. RogueBelow North Fork Resnoon94 96 91 
No. RogueAbove Lost Creek Lakenoon650 675 675 2009Water 35°F
Mi. RogueAbove Butte Falls Rd (est)8amLow Low Low 2011Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-2000 cfs
So. RogueBelow Imnaha Creeknoon61 62 62 
So. RogueBelow MF Confluence (est)8amLow Low LowEstimate is outside the model's range of 400-3000 cfs
RogueInflow Lost Creek Lake10am900 925 1,000 
Big Butte CreekNear McLeodnoon61 65 88 
RogueNear McLeodnoon1,100 1,150 1,150Water 43°F
Elk CreekAbove Rogue Rivernoon43 67 130 2012Water 37°F
RogueAt Raygoldnoon1,400 1,500 1,500 2011Buy the Guidebook + Water 41°F
RogueAt Grants Passnoon1,350 1,500 1,400 2016Water 41°F
RogueNear Agnessnoon2,250 2,600 3,100 2018 Buy the Guidebook + Water 43°F
So. CoquilleAt Powersnoon550 850 1,850 
No. UmpquaAt Toketee Fallsnoon73 73 73 
Boulder CreekNear Toketee Fallsnoon24 27 34 
No. UmpquaAbove Copeland Creeknoon775 750 800 2018Water 37°F
Canton CreekAbove Steamboat Creek (est)noonLow Low Low 2007 Estimate is outside the model's range of 400-2500 cfs
Steamboat CreekBelow Canton Creeknoon300 420 900
No. UmpquaBelow Steamboat Creekn/a   2009Site currently not operational
Little RiverAt Peelnoon230 330 650Water 40°F
No. UmpquaAt Winchesternoon2,100 2,900 4,800Water 41°F
So. UmpquaAt Tillernoon400 550 925 2015
W. Fk Cow CreekNear Glendalenoon155 250 625 
UmpquaNear Elktonnoon5,250 7,250 3,400 
SiuslawNear Mapletonnoon1,800 2,450 3,400 
AlseaNear Tidewaternoon1,250 1,700 2,800 
SiletzNear Siletznoon1,800 2,250 3,300 
NestuccaBelow Beavernoon1,450 1,750 2,250 
TraskNear Tillamooknoon1,150 1,500 2,250 
WilsonNear Tillamooknoon1,200 1,500 2,500 
NehalemNear Vernonianoon170 175 250 
NehalemNear Fossnoon3,800 4,700 7,500 
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Oregon Central Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
Mi. WillametteBelow Hills Creek Resnoon1,000 1,000 1,050Water 46°F
Mi. WillametteInflow Lookout Point Res9am2,250 2,300 2,500 
No. Mi. WillametteAt Westfirnoon1.80ft 1.91ft 2.14ftWater 38°F
Winberry CreekNear Lowellnoon61 83 145Water 40°F
Fall CreekAbove North Forknoon3.66ft 3.88ft 4.42ftWater 41°F
Fall CreekInflow Fall Creek Res11am380 550 1,050 
Fall CreekBelow Fall Creek Damnoon370 525 1,450Water 40°F
Row RiverAbove Dorena Lakenoon230 370 875Water 39°F
Row RiverBelow Dorena Lakenoon525 700 650Water 41°F
McKenzieClear Lake Outletnoon245 250 260Water 40°F
McKenzieBelow Payne Creeknoon195 195 200Water 41°F
McKenzieBelow Trail Bridge Damnoon675 700 775Water 40°F
So. McKenzieAbove Cougar Resnoon310 340 420Water 39°F
BlueBelow Tidbits Creeknoon91 110 160 
McKenzieNear Vidanoon2,800 3,000 3,300Water 40°F
McKenzieBelow Leaburg Damnoon3,100 3,400 4,000Water 40°F
BreitenbushNear Detroitnoon290 320 400Water 39°F
No. SantiamBelow Boulder Creeknoon600 625 700Water 36°F
No. SantiamAt Niagaranoon1,600 1,600 1,600 2007Water 46°F
Li. No. SantiamNear Mehamanoon625 775 1,100Water 42°F
No. SantiamAt Mehamanoon2,600 2,900 3,500 
Quartzville CrNear Cascadianoon440 550 925Water 40°F
Mi. SantiamNear Cascadianoon2.32ft 2.47ft 2.78ftWater 39°F
Mi. SantiamBelow Green Peter Damnoon696.10ft 706.01ft 706.12ftWater 49°F
So. SantiamBelow Cascadianoon460 575 925Water 40°F
Wiley CreekNear Fosternoon115 155 260 
Thomas CreekNear Scionoon380 500 775 
LuckiamuteNear Suvernoon1,000 1,500 2,500 
So. YamhillNear Willaminanoon825 1,000 1,450 
MolallaNear Canbynoon925 1,200 1,850 
Butte CreekAt Monitornoon125 180 300 
CollawashBelow Hot Springs Fork (est)10am525 575 67580% confidence actual flow is between 390 and 650 cfs
Oak Grove ClackamasAt Ripplebrook Campgroundnoon115 115 125 
ClackamasAbove Three Lynx Creeknoon1,350 1,450 1,750 2021Water 39°F
No. ClackamasAbove Mouth (est)noon45 52 95Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
ClackamasAt Estacadanoon1,800 2,050 2,800Water 41°F
SandyNear Marmotnoon925 1,100 1,400 
No. Bull RunNear Multnomah Fallsnoon48 60 88Water 38°F
Bull RunNear Bull Runnoon550 800 1,600 
SandyBelow Bull Run Rivernoon1,800 2,250 3,500 
Beaver CreekAt Troutdalenoon18 26 77 
W. Fk HoodAbove East Forknoon320 360 430 2015 
HoodAt Tucker Bridgenoon525 600 700 
DeschutesBelow Wickiup Reservoirnoon105 105 105Water 2°F
DeschutesAt Benham Fallsnoon360 400 420 
DeschutesBelow Bendnoon380 420 440 
Squaw CreekAt Sistersnoon150 110 31 
DeschutesNear Culvernoon800 825 825Water 40°F
CrookedAt Smith Rock State Parknoon73 79 78Water 36°F
CrookedAt Crooked River Ranchnoon130 130 130 
CrookedBelow Opal Springsnoon1,200 1,250 1,250Water 53°F
MetoliusAbove Lake Billy Chinooknoon1,250 1,250 1,250 2016Water 39°F
WhiteBelow Tygh Valleynoon160 170 185Falling 3 cfs/hr
DeschutesAt Moodynoon4,500 4,500 4,600Water 42°F
No. John DayAt Monumentnoon130 155 175 
John DayAt Service Creeknoon330 360 350 
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Oregon Eastern Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
UmatillaNear Umatillanoon205 190 185 
Grande RondeNear Perrynoon33 16 20 2011 
LostineNear Lostinenoon30 38 40
MinamAt MinamnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Grande RondeAt Troynoon850 925 925 
Joseph CreekNear Mouthn/a  Site currently not operational
ImnahaAt Imnahanoon69 100 145
SnakeBelow Hells Canyon Damnoon8,000 8,000 8,000 
Eagle CreekNear New Bridgen/a  Flow currently unavailable
Succor CreekNear Homedalenoon9 19 8 
OwyheeAt Crutcher Crossingnoon27 27 26 Water 32°F
OwyheeNear Romenoon130 140 140 2009
Donner Und BlitzenNear Frenchglennoon33 24 34Water 32°F
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Washington Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
KettleNear Lauriernoon225 210 270 
SpokaneAt Spokanenoon2,500 2,450 2,500 
ChewuchAt WinthropnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
MethowNear PaterosnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
StehekinAt Stehekinnoon185 180 185 
ChelanBelow Lake Chelannoon82 135  
EntiatNear Ardenvoirnoon62 63 65 
Nason CreekNear Mouthnoon92 98 140 
ChiwawaNear Plainnoon115 98 95 
WenatcheeAt Plainnoon420 430 440 
Icicle CreekAbove Snow Creeknoon135 145 145 2015 
WenatcheeAt Peshastinnoon625 650 700 
Peshastin CreekNear Wenatchee Confluencenoon120 80 80 
Cle ElumInflow Cle Elum Lake0am 240 290 
Cle ElumBelow Cle Elum Damnoon220 220 225 
TeanawayBelow Forksnoon195 175 170 
BumpingBelow Bumping Damnoon125 125 125 
AmericanNear Nilenoon59 57 60 
NachesNear Cliffdellnoon350 290 290 
TietonAt Rimrockavg 84 84 
PalouseAt Hoopernoon150 150 160 
Grande RondeAt Troynoon850 925 925 
Joseph CreekNear Mouthn/a  Site currently not operational
KlickitatBelow Summit Creeknoon675 675 725 
Little KlickitatNear Wahkiacusnoon30 33 34 
KlickitatNear Pittnoon775 775 800 
White SalmonBelow Trout Lake Creek (est)8amLow Low LowEstimate is outside the model's range of 300-2000 cfs
White SalmonAt BZ Corner (est)10am390 400 40085% confidence actual flow is between 330 and 450 cfs
White SalmonNear Underwoodnoon575 600 600 
Li. White SalmonAt Willard Fish Hatchery (rough)noon310 320 32082% confidence actual flow is between 220 and 400 cfs
Wind RiverAt Stablernoon235 250 280 
Panther CreekNear Carsonn/a  Site currently not operational
Rock CreekAt Stevensonn/a  Site currently not operational
WashougalAt Hathaway Parknoon1,100 1,400 2,050 
No. LewisAbove Muddy Rivern/a   2011Flow currently unavailable
Muddy RiverBelow Clear Creeknoon270 270 300 
Canyon CreekNear Amboyn/a  Flow currently unavailable
E. Fk LewisNear Heissonnoon725 925 1,350 
CowlitzAt Packwoodnoon625 650 700 
CispusNear Randlenoon470 490 525 
TiltonNear Cinebarnoon500 575 725 
ToutleAt Tower Roadnoon1,450 1,650 2,250 
Germany CreekAt Mouthnoon0 0 0 
GraysBelow Hwy-4 Bridgenoon2,000 2,100 2,900 
ChehalisNear Dotynoon625 600 925 
SatsopNear Satsopnoon1,650 1,400 1,750 
HumptulipsBelow Highway 101 Bridgenoon1,000 800 1,000Falling 10 cfs/hr
QuinaultAt Quinault Lakenoon1,600 1,650 1,800 
QueetsNear Clearwaternoon2,500 2,600 3,300Falling 24 cfs/hr
Sol DucNear Quillayutenoon17.53ft 17.62ft 17.97ft 
ElwhaAt McDonald Bridgenoon600 600 675 
DungenessNear Sequimnoon145 145 160 
Big QuilceneBelow Big Quilcene Damnoon34 33 35 
DuckabushNear Brinnonnoon160 160 175 
No. SkokomishBelow Staircasenoon165 170 180Water 37°F
So. SkokomishNear Unionnoon290 290 310 
NisquallyAt La Grandenoon1,000 1,000 1,000 
MashelNear La Grandenoon165 190 280 
NisquallyAt McKennanoon1,200 1,250 1,400 
So. Prairie CreekAt South Prairienoon 100 150 
CarbonNear Fairfaxnoon91 100 130 
PuyallupAt Aldertonnoon900 975 1,250 
WhiteBelow Clearwater Rivernoon480 500 600 
GreenNear Palmernoon370 440 575 
CedarBelow Diversion Damnoon370 370 390Water 42°F
No. SnoqualmieNear Snoqualmie Fallsnoon205 220 260 
Mi. SnoqualmieNear Tannernoon450 460 550 
So. SnoqualmieNear Garcianoon94 100 115 
Raging RiverNear Fall Citynoon81 97 170 
SkykomishNear Gold Barnoon1,500 1,600 1,850Water 37°F
SultanBelow Diversion Damnoon110 110 110Water 40°F
SultanBelow Powerplantnoon470 470 380 2015Water 40°F
Squire CreekAt Squire Creek Parkn/a  Site currently not operational
Deer CreekNear Oso (est)11amLow Low LowEstimate is outside the model's range of 700-2000 cfs
No. StillaguamishNear Arlingtonnoon850 875 1,000 
So. StillaguamishNear Granite Fallsnoon300 330 430 
Jim CreekAt Whites Roadn/a  Site currently not operational
Pilchuck CreekAt I-5 Bridgenoon280 290 350 
Thunder CreekNear Newhalemnoon130 130 150 
SkagitAt Newhalemnoon3,700 3,700 3,700Water 45°F
SkagitAt Marblemountnoon4,400 4,300 4,300Water 44°F
CascadeAt Marblemountnoon320 330 360Water 39°F
SaukAbove White Chuck Rivernoon360 380 410Water 37°F
SaukAt Darringtonn/a  Site currently not operational
SuiattleNear Darringtonn/a  Site currently not operational
SaukNear Sauknoon1,500 1,500 1,650Water 37°F + Falling 5 cfs/hr
No. NooksackBelow Cascade Creeknoon195 200 215Water 37°F
Mi. NooksackNear Demingnoon175 190 200 
So. NooksackAt Saxon Bridgenoon300 330 360Water 36°F
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Idaho Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
BearBelow Grace Damnoon71 71 71 
SnakeNear Irwinnoon975 950 950 2008 
Henrys ForkBelow Coffee Pot Rapidsn/a  Site currently not operational
Henrys ForkNear Ashtonnoon675 675 700 
Fall RiverNear SquirrelnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
TetonNear DriggsnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
TetonNear St. AnthonynoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
BlackfootNear ShelleynoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
SnakeAt Milner River Onlynoon0 0 0 
SnakeAt Milner Total Flownoon200 205 195 
Camas CreekNear Blainenoon2 2 2 
SnakeBelow Lower Salmon Fallsnoon4,900 5,000 5,000 
MaladNear Blissnoon175 170 160 
BruneauAt RowlandnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen
JarbidgeBelow Jarbidgenoon7 7 6
BruneauNear Hot Springsnoon43 79 56
SnakeBelow Swan Falls Damnoon6,500 6,250 6,250 
OwyheeAt Crutcher Crossingnoon27 27 26 Water 32°F
OwyheeNear Romenoon130 140 140 2009
Succor CreekNear Homedalenoon9 19 8 
BoiseNear Twin Springsnoon270 350 380 
So. BoiseBelow Anderson Ranch Damnoon300 300 300 2007Water 44°F
BoiseAt Glenwood Bridgenoon260 250 280 2017 
No. PayetteAt McCallnoon25 25 23 2008 
No. PayetteAt Cascadenoon210 195 190 2008Water 34°F
No. PayetteAt Otters Runnoon235 225 230 2013 
Mi. PayetteNear Crouchnoon105 110 89 2008 
DeadwoodBelow Deadwood Damnoon49 49 49 2008 
So. PayetteAt LowmannoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 2008 
So. PayetteNear Garden Valley (est)n/a   2008Insufficient data available to estimate flow
So. PayetteBelow Deer Creek (est)noon525 600 600 200887% confidence actual flow is between 410 and 625 cfs
PayetteNear Horseshoe Bendnoon825 875 875 2008 
SnakeBelow Hells Canyon Damnoon8,000 8,000 8,000 
SalmonNear Claytonnoon380 430 450 
SalmonNear Shoup10amFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Mi. SalmonAt Middle Fork Lodgenoon1.25ft 1.38ft 1.52ft 2008Buy the Guidebook
Mi. SalmonAt MouthnoonFrozen Frozen FrozenBuy the Guidebook
SalmonAbove Corn Creekn/a  Insufficient data available to estimate flow
E. Fk So. SalmonAbove Sugar CreeknoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Johnson CreekAt Yellow PinenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
So. SalmonAt KrasselnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Little SalmonAt Rigginsnoon155 155 170 
SalmonAt White Birdnoon3,700 3,800 3,700 2005 
No. ClearwaterNear Canyon Ranger Stnnoon675 800 800Water 32°F
LochsaNear LowellnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Moose CreekAbove Selway Rivern/a  Insufficient data available to estimate flow
SelwayNear LowellnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
So. ClearwaterAt StitesnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Lolo CreekNear Greern/a  Flow currently unavailable
Saint JoeAt Red Ives Ranger StnnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Saint JoeAt CaldernoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
PackNear Colburnn/a  Flow currently unavailable
Boundary CreekNear PorthillnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
MoyieAt EastportnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
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Montana Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
No. BlackfootNear Ovandonoon115 120 120 
BlackfootNear BonnernoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Clark ForkAt St. Regisnoon2,500 2,300 2,400 2008 
Prospect CreekAt Thompson Fallsnoon40 41 42 
No. FlatheadNear Columbia FallsnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Mi. FlatheadNear West Glaciernoon350 310 290Buy the Guidebook
So. FlatheadAbove Hungry Horse Resn/a  Seasonal site, currently not reporting
SwanNear Bigforknoon430 420 430 
FlatheadNear Polsonnoon8,250 8,250 8,250 
KootenaiBelow Libby Damnoon10,000 15,500 15,000Water 46°F
YaakNear TroynoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Big HoleNear Glenn/a  Seasonal site, currently not reporting
MadisonBelow Hebgen Lakenoon800 800 800Water 37°F
MadisonBelow Ennis Lake10am1,300 1,250 1,150Water 34°F
GallatinNear Gallatin Gatewaynoon280 340 320 
SmithBelow Eagle CreeknoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Belt CreekNear MonarchnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
YellowstoneAt Corwin SpringsnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
YellowstoneNear LivingstonnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
BoulderAt Big TimbernoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
StillwaterNear AbsarokeenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
West Rosebud CrAt Emerald Lake CGnoon76 80 83Water 33°F
Rock CreekNear Red LodgenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
CF YellowstoneNear BelfrynoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
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Wyoming Rivers SAT FRI THU 
 Time   12/03/22     12/02/22     12/01/22    BBS  Comments/Links
CF YellowstoneNear BelfrynoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
YellowstoneBelow Yellowstone LakenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Mi. PowderNear BarnumnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
North PlatteNear NorthgatenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
EncampmentNear EncampmentnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
Gros VentreAt Kellynoon185 200 190Water 35°F
SnakeNear Alpinenoon1,450 1,400 1,350 
Fall RiverNear SquirrelnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
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Key to Symbols

Estimate Information

All flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates - which means they may well be incorrect.  For this reason, don't undertake expensive or time-consuming trips based solely on the estimate (or if you do, accept the possibility of being skunked).  Always try to confirm the sanity of the estimate by means of rainfall, snowpack, similar flows in similar drainages, word of mouth, etc.

Note 1  Confidence information appearing in the Comments column of the report means Dreamflows calculated the flow using a statistically-derived model.  In that case, two things.  Firstly, that confidence information is theoretical - it's based on the available historical data, which may or may not cover the current water year type.  Secondly, a confidence of (say) 85% sounds wonderful, but don't forget that also means there's a 15% chance the actual flow will be outside the given range.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 2  Reservoir calculations are based on storage change.  Though useful indicators of flow trends, they can at times be amazingly inaccurate, especially if the reservoir is large.  See the Dreamflows FAQ for details.

Note 3  When gauge height is available but river flow is not, where possible, Dreamflows converts gauge height to river flow using a rating table.  The rating table used is the most currently-available, but still usually out-of-date, so the reported flow will probably be inaccurate to some extent.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 4  Good-faith scheduled releases are marked (sched) and are usually reliable, but even so the releases might not occur, or be different than projected.  Reasons for this include (but are not limited to) operational, health, safety and legal.

Note 5  Short-term planned releases are marked (pred) and are usually fairly reliable, however they can (and sometimes do) change radically without notice.  It's good to take these predictions with a grain of salt.

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Other Dreamflows Reports

This report is also available in CSV format.  See CSV Conversions to load reports into Microsoft Excel, etc.
A complete list of available reports and report formats is available on the River Flow Reports page.
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