Dreamflows Feedback On Flow Estimates
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This page enables you to report the river flow you believe you had on a run estimated by Dreamflows.  Please report your flow estimate even if it's the same as Dreamflows' estimate.  Please also be as accurate and precise as possible, as this information will be used to validate and/or modify the Dreamflows estimate.  The optional name and email address information will be used to contact you if there are any questions about your entry, but will not be used for any other purpose.  * = required field

Date of river observation (mm/dd/yy): *     
Time of river observation (hh:mm): *       
River or creek name: *     
Put-in location: *     
Take-out location: *     
Dreamflows gauge name: *  
Dreamflows reported flow (in cfs): *     
Your estimate of actual flow (in cfs): *     
Staff gauge height (if available):     
Staff gauge location (if available):     
Your name (optional):     
Your email address (optional):     

Comments, description and location of landmarks used to estimate actual flow, etc: *

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