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Disclaimer: The online guidebooks listed here were written by third-party, independent authors.  As such, Dreamflows cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information contained therein, and doesn't necessarily share the opinions expressed.  But ... some of them are really funny.  This web page was last updated Sat, Apr 9, 2022.


Described RunAuthor(s)
 Alameda Creek - Niles Canyon (Sunol to Niles through Niles Canyon)   Walt Garms 
 American River South Fork - Slab Creek Reservoir   Paul Redd 
 Canyon Creek, North Yuba - Bella Union Ravine to North Yuba   Joseph Hatcher 
 Canyon Creek, South Yuba - Upper Run (French Lake to Bowman Lake)   Justin States 
 Feather River South Fork - Upper Run (Little Grass Valley Reservoir to South Fork Diversion Dam)   Rick Stock 
 Feather River South Fork - Forbestown Gorge (Forbestown Diversion Dam to Ponderosa Reservoir)   Eric Petlock 
 Kern - Jungle Run (Below Lake Isabella to Borel Powerhouse)   Tim Perry and Nick Matheson 
 Kings - Hidden Kings Run (Below Kirch Flat to Pine Flat Res)   Paul Martzen 
 Pauley Creek - Upper Run (3rd Divide to 2nd Divide)   Justin States 
 Silver Creek - South Silver (Autobahn to Icehouse Reservoir)   Justin States 
 Slate Creek - Land Slide to North Yuba   Ben Coleman 
 Susan River - Susanville Run (Devil's Corral to Hobo Camp)   Stan Bales 
 Yuba River South - Summit Run (Kingvale to Indian Springs Campground)   Justin States 
 Yuba River South - Spaulding Run (Indian Springs Campground to Spaulding Reservoir)   Justin States 


Described RunAuthor(s)
 Applegate River Middle Fork - Road Access to Applegate Lake   Peter Gandesbery 
 Applegate River - First Bridge to Second Bridge   Peter Gandesbery 
 Canton Creek - Nine Mile Marker to Steamboat Creek   Peter Gandesbery 
 Carberry Creek - Above Applegate Lake (Road access to Applegate Lake)   Peter Gandesbery 
 Rogue River North Fork - Takelma Gorge (Natural Bridge to River Bridge Campground)   Peter Gandesbery 
 Rogue River South Fork - Gorge Run (Butte Falls Road to Lost Creek Lake)   Peter Gandesbery 
 Rogue River - Nugget-Powerhouse Run (Below Raygold Dam to Gold Run)   Peter Gandesbery 
 Umpqua River North - Boulder Flat to Gravel Bin   Peter Gandesbery 

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