Dreamflows Daily Report - Sat, Mar 25, 2017
Four Corners

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.

Colorado Rivers  SAT FRI THU 
Time 03/25/17 03/24/17 03/23/17 BBS Comments/Links
Colorado  Near Kremmling   noon 775 825 800   
Colorado  Near Dotsero   noon 1,700 1,750 1,750   
Colorado  Near CO-UT State Line   noon 6,250 6,750 7,000  Ruby/Horsethief Permit + Westwater Permit + Water 49°F
Green  Near Greendale   noon 4,600 4,600 4,700  Water 40°F + Lodore Permit
Yampa  At Steamboat Springs   noon 440 470 440   
Yampa  Near Maybell   noon 2,250 2,450 2,200  Water 45°F
Yampa  At Deerlodge Park   noon 3,200 3,200 2,700  Water 48°F + Yampa Canyon Permit
Green  Near Jensen   noon 8,750 8,250 8,000  Water 47°F
Eagle  At Red Cliff   noon Frozen Frozen Frozen   
Eagle  Near Minturn   noon 99 98 135   
Eagle  Below Gypsum   noon 330 350 350   
Castle Creek  At Aspen   n/a     Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Roaring Fork  Below Maroon Creek   noon 150 165 165   
Fryingpan  Near Thomasville   noon 85 88 94   
Roaring Fork  At Glenwood Springs   noon 725 750 750   
Crystal  Above Avalanche Creek   noon 185 210 230   
Gunnison  Below Gunnison Tunnel   noon 700 825 1,000   
Dolores  Below McPhee Reservoir   noon 61 61 60   
Dolores  At Bedrock   n/a     Flow currently unavailable
San Miguel  Near Placerville   noon 300 310 370   
San Juan  At Pagosa Springs   noon 725 825 950   
Animas  At Silverton   noon 65 62 77   
Animas  At Durango   noon 1,000 1,100 1,250  Water 43°F
North Platte  Near Northgate   noon 1,150 1,400 1,600   
South Platte  Near Lake George   noon 81 78 74   
No. South Platte  At Grant   noon 115 120 145   
Clear Creek  At Golden   noon 74 84 74   
No. Saint Vrain Cr  Above Buttonrock Res   n/a     Site currently not operational
Boulder Creek  Near Orodell   noon 54 56 49   
South Boulder Cr  Above Gross Reservoir   noon 31 34 36   
South Boulder Cr  Below Gross Reservoir   noon 30 30 25   
Cache La Poudre  At Canyon Mouth   noon 125 125 81   
Lake Creek  Above Twin Lakes Res   noon 15 19 20   
Clear Creek  Above Clear Creek Res   noon 16 16 17   
Arkansas  Below Granite   n/a     Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Arkansas  Near Nathrop   n/a     Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Arkansas  At Parkdale   n/a     Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Rio Grande  Near Lobatos   noon 1,650 1,650 1,500  Water 45°F
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Utah Rivers  SAT FRI THU 
Time 03/25/17 03/24/17 03/23/17 BBS Comments/Links
Green  Near Greendale   noon 4,600 4,600 4,700  Water 40°F + Lodore Permit
Yampa  At Deerlodge Park   noon 3,200 3,200 2,700  Water 48°F + Yampa Canyon Permit
Green  Near Jensen   noon 8,750 8,250 8,000  Water 47°F
Green  At Ouray   noon 8,500 8,500 8,250   
Green  At Green River   noon 10,000 9,500 9,250  Desolation/Gray Permit + Labyrinth Canyon Permit + Stillwater Canyon Permit + Rising 26 cfs/hr
Green  At Mineral Bottom   noon 9,500 8,750 8,500   
San Rafael  Near Green River   noon 87 72 71  Water 50°F
Colorado  Near CO-UT State Line   noon 6,250 6,750 7,000  Ruby/Horsethief Permit + Westwater Permit + Water 49°F
Colorado  Near Cisco   noon 7,250 7,750 8,000  Water 50°F
Colorado  At Potash   noon 7,750 8,250 8,250   
Colorado  In Cataract Canyon   noon 17,000 17,000 16,500  2011 Falling 35 cfs/hr + Cataract Canyon Permit
Fremont  Near Caineville   n/a     Site currently not operational
Dirty Devil  Near Hanksville   noon 130 125 120   
Escalante  Near Escalante   noon 6 8 25   
San Juan  At Mexican Hat   noon 2,250 2,400 2,300  Water 51°F + Upper/Lower Permit
No. Virgin  Near Springdale   noon 270 270 430   
Weber  At Gateway   noon 1,850 2,100 3,000   
Ogden  Below Pineview Res   noon 825 725 1,100   
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Arizona Rivers  SAT FRI THU 
Time 03/25/17 03/24/17 03/23/17 BBS Comments/Links
Colorado  Near Lees Ferry   noon 13,000 13,500 13,500  Water 48°F + Grand Canyon Permit
Colorado  Above Diamond Creek   noon 14,500 14,500 14,500   
Lower Colorado  Below Hoover Dam   noon 3,700 7,250 8,500  
Salt  At Salt River Canyon   noon 3.63ft 3.69ft 3.73ft  2013 Upper Salt Permit
Salt  Above Roosevelt Lake   noon 1,950 2,000 2,050   
Verde  Near Camp Verde   noon 1,050 190 185   
Verde  Above Horseshoe Reservoir   noon 600 600 625   
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New Mexico Rivers  SAT FRI THU 
Time 03/25/17 03/24/17 03/23/17 BBS Comments/Links
Rio Grande  Near Lobatos   noon 1,650 1,650 1,500  Water 45°F
Rio Grande  Near Cerro   noon 1,600 1,600 1,400   
Rio Grande  Below Taos Junction Br   noon 2,050 2,000 1,700   
Embudo Creek  Near Dixon   noon 91 68 91   
Rio Chama  Above Chama   noon 235 260 280   
Rio Brazos  At Fishtail Road   noon 85 105 98   
Rio Chama  Near La Puente   noon 900 975 1,150   
Rio Chama  Below El Vado Dam   noon 1,000 1,000 1,000  Chama Canyon Permit
Rio Chama  Above Abiquiu Reservoir   noon 1,150 1,150 1,100   
Gila  Near Gila   noon 490 525 525  Jan 28  
Gila  Near Redrock   noon 320 330 310   
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Estimate Information

All flows marked "est" or "rough" are estimates - which means they may well be incorrect.  For this reason, don't undertake expensive or time-consuming trips based solely on the estimate (or if you do, accept the possibility of being skunked).  Always try to confirm the sanity of the estimate by means of rainfall, snowpack, similar flows in similar drainages, word of mouth, etc.

Note 1  Confidence information appearing in the Comments column of the report means Dreamflows calculated the flow using a statistically-derived model.  In that case, two things.  Firstly, that confidence information is theoretical - it's based on the available historical data, which may or may not cover the current water year type.  Secondly, a confidence of (say) 85% sounds wonderful, but don't forget that also means there's a 15% chance the actual flow will be outside the given range.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 2  Reservoir calculations are based on storage change.  Though useful indicators of flow trends, they can at times be amazingly inaccurate, especially if the reservoir is large.  See the Dreamflows FAQ for details.

Note 3  When gauge height is available but river flow is not, where possible, Dreamflows converts gauge height to river flow using a rating table.  The rating table used is the most currently-available, but still usually out-of-date, so the reported flow will probably be inaccurate to some extent.  You can report the accuracy of an estimate by visiting the river-levels webpage.

Note 4  Good-faith projections by the operating utility are usually reliable, but even so the scheduled releases might not occur, or be different than projected.  Reasons for this include (but are not limited to) operational, health, safety and legal.

Note 5  Informal projections by the operating utility are usually fairly reliable, however they can (and sometimes do) change radically without notice.  It's good to take these predictions with a grain of salt.

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