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 Topic:  Pauley Creek 

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Posted: May 30, 2005Post Subject: Pauley Creek
While scouting Pauley Creek on 5/28 we found there to be a lot of wood in the river. We decided to not actually run it because of this so I am not sure of the extent of the wood jams, but from the road you can see a straight away in the river gorge which has at least 4 logs criss-crossing the river which were not there in the past. Also, there is a new log directly above Pauley Falls on the river right of the drop above the big falls, this is easily viewable from the take out trail.
Posted: Jun 18, 2005Post Subject: Wood
As of 6/16/05 the log status on Pauly is like this.
About 1/4 mile above Federal Falls is a new downed tree across the river. The one that was across about 6 weeks ago is gone, this is new. It is duckable on far river left at 200cfs but wont be duckable much heigher. Inbetween Federal Falls and the next ledge drop are two or three new trees that are lodged in the mini gorge. All were easily avoidable at 200cfs, but could be very dangerous at high flows. Below that there was one other large tree in the river, but easily avoidable on river left, and wont be a problem at high flows. Right above Pauly Falls is a new log on the far river right side of the 4' river wide drop above the falls. You can still run right of center, avoid the tree and catch the eddy above the falls to take out at 200cfs. So 6/16/05 at 200cfs no mandatory log portages, but 1 somewhat sketchy log duck.
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