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 Topic:  Battle Creek Log 

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Posted: May 31, 2005Post Subject: Battle Creek Log
I paddled Battle Creek near Redding on Memorial Day. The flow was 650 cfs at Coleman Fish Hatchery. A friend got stopped by a submerged log and was fortunate enough to wash through underneath it. The log blocks the left channel of an ordinary-looking class 3 rapid and was not visible from the pool above. The rapid is about half-way down the run. Soon after the harder rapids of the run the river mellows into a large pool. There is a tall, smooth basalt wall on the right bank with swallows nesting in small holes. Across from the wall on river-left is a large gravel bar and sand beach that is a natural lunch spot. The rapid with the log is a couple rapids after this lunch spot. While the left channel looks like the most natural route, the right side was clean at this level.
Forums -> Hazards -> Battle Creek Log Page 1 of 1