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American Whitewater contacted SMUD for the protocol on access to Slab Creek. Until further notice, recreational boaters who want access to Slab Creek Dam Road and Slab Creek Boat Ramp Road during the construction of the powerhouse and boating flow valve release need to contact SMUD as follows:

- Contact SMUD at least 2-3 hours before you want to paddle.

- Contact SMUD on the FRIDAY before you want to paddle. (The preferred meet time for access the following Saturday is 10 am.)

- Road will be open.

- Dave Crespo at 916-718-4450

While you enjoy these flows please remember the project managers & engineer have and continue to be very accommodating to the paddlers getting on the river - That would be Bill Collins, Dave Crespo and Tracy Asher.

Also, when all is said and done SMUD has a job to complete so please do not be that paddler that ruins the good will for everyone -

Posted: Oct 27, 2017Post Subject: Details from SMUD
Mon-Fri: Access is available by providing at least a couple of hours advance notice. A SMUD representative will then meet the boaters at the North Canyon Gate of Slab Creek Reservoir Rd. and will be escorted down to the ‘crow’s foot’ where boats and gear will be off loaded and hand-carried down the Lower Construction Access Road to the put-in. After unloading, vehicles will be brought back up to the North Canyon gate and parked outside the gate for retrieval at the conclusion of the boater’s run on the Slab Creek Reach. From time-to-time, when our contractor is making high volume equipment or material deliveries, access may be closed off for the duration of those transit moves (typically just one or two shifts in a row). There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS WEST OF IOWA CANYON CREEK confluence with the SFAR.

Saturdays: Effective immediately and continuing through the end of December, our Design/Build Contractor will be working Saturdays at the jobsite. Because of limited communication channels, whitewater boaters wishing to access the boating put-in or flat water kayakers wishing to access the boat ramp on Saturdays need to call me on the Friday before arriving for Saturday boating to allow me time to arrange for a SMUD escort to be at the North Canyon gate at a designated time. Escort rules and possible closure due to elevated construction traffic per the Mon-Fri rules also apply on Saturdays. Boaters need to be considerate of the SMUD staff providing escort services on Saturday’s by arriving before or at the time arranged the previous Friday. Impromptu or otherwise unscheduled visits to the Slab Creek reach on Saturdays won’t be accommodated. Advance notice IS required for Saturday access.

Sundays: No construction work is currently scheduled for Sundays at the South Fork Powerhouse site. The North Canyon gate will be open for private vehicles. Access to the boat ramp is from the crow’s foot/upper landing area. Access to the whitewater boating put-in will be by foot, hand-carrying kayaks and/or rafts to the put-in from the crow’s foot/upper landing area. Parking is allowed at the crow’s foot/upper landing area on Sundays, however boaters are cautioned NOT to BLOCK the gated access road to Slab Creek Dam and Gatehouse at the east end of the crow’s foot/upper landing. If SMUD needs access to Slab Creek Dam, any private vehicles found blocking access will be towed.

General Notes:

SPEEDING on Slab Creek Reservoir Road will not be tolerated – this is for the protection of both recreational boaters, SMUD staff and its contractors. The SPEED LIMIT on Slab Creek Reservoir Road is 10 MPH. Boaters found speeding or otherwise engaging in reckless driving will be advised to leave the site and may be subjected to bans or other restrictions over repeated violations of the speed limit.

WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS! Slab Creek Reservoir Road is a popular site for dog walkers. All drivers should be alert for pedestrians walking down or up the road with their dog(s).
Posted: Dec 4, 2017Post Subject: Update from Dave Crespo SMUD
AW just confirmed with Dave that opportunistic flows for Slab Creek are anticipated now until mid January - get out there while you can! See his updates below.

Good Morning Boaters,

Here’s a recap of access restrictions to the Slab Creek Reach:

Wednesday, 12/6/17 – Concrete pour scheduled. No public vehicle access on Slab Creek Reservoir Road

Friday, 12/8/17 – Concrete pour scheduled. No public vehicle access on Slab Creek Reservoir Road

Saturday, 12/9/17 – POSSIBLE concrete pour. Update later this week.

On Monday (today), Tuesday and Thursday, public vehicle access to drop off kayaks/rafts for the walk down to the Slab Creek Reach put-in is allowed. Standard procedures apply (call me at: 917-718-4450) – call to arrange for me or Bill Collins to meet you at the North Canyon Gate for access. Please call the day before.

As of 10:30 this morning, flows at Slab were about 1,050 cfs.

NOTE: The North Canyon Gate was damaged this morning by a vehicle striking the gate. We don’t think this was a boater’s vehicle doing the damage, but it’s good to remind folks to drive slow, approach the gates with caution and please don’t try to crash through!

Forebay Road – As reported last week, extensive repairs are still underway on the stretch of Forebay Road east of the Forebay Road bridge over the SFAR. As there is still very heavy construction traffic on Forebay Road, the USFS upper gate near the Aikens Powerhouse remains closed. I’ve been advised that the goal is to have that gate opened by Christmas or sooner. I’ll keep you all posted.

Posted: Dec 4, 2017Post Subject: Slab Creek Reach - Access to Slab Creek Reservoir Road Update
Good Morning Boaters -- in addition to posting at Boof, it's been recommended that I also post updates here at Dreamflows. So here's my update for Monday, 12/4/17:

Concrete pours are scheduled for: Wednesday, 12/6, Friday, 12/8 and Saturday, 12/9/17. No public vehicle access is allowed on those days. Pedestrian access remains available, but extreme caution is advised due to multiple cement trucks on Slab Creek Road!

Vehicle access to drop off boats is available on Tuesday, 12/5 and Thursday, 12/7/17 with advance notice. Please call or text me to arrange escorts to the landing at the dam.

Forebay Rd. remains closed. The target for re-opening at least to the Forebay Rd. bridge is Christmas day or sooner.


Dave Crespo, Sr. Project Mgr., SMUD
Posted: Dec 11, 2017Post Subject: Slab Creek Access During Construction 12-11-17
Good Morning Boaters!

Access to the Slab Creek Reach will be restricted by several concrete pours this week. Today's pour (Monday, 12/11) has been cancelled and will be combined with tomorrow's pour. Accordingly, pre-arranged access to the Slab Creek put-in is available today.

Tuesday, 12/12/17 -- Concrete pours, no vehicle access
Wednesday, 12/13/17 -- Pour cancelled, pre-arranged vehicle access
Thursday, 12/14/17 -- No pours scheduled, pre-arranged vehicle access
Friday, 12/15/17 -- Large pour scheduled, no vehicle access
Saturday, 12/16/17 -- No pour on schedule yet. Likely to be a pour.
Sunday, 12/17/17 -- No pour, gate open for vehicle access

Any questions? Call or text me, Dave Crespo, at: 916-718-4450
If you haven't already done so, please send me your name and contact info (email and phone) to: david.crespo@smud.org so I can add you to my Slab Creek Boaters Contact List.

Safe Boating and Thanks!
Posted: 2 days agoPost Subject: Slab Creek Access During Construction 12-12-17
Good Morning Boaters!

We have a concrete pour underway this morning (12-12) at the South Fork Project Adit #3. Accordingly, no public vehicle access is available today.
No other concrete pours are currently scheduled until Saturday, 12/16/17. Standard protocols apply: Call me, preferably the day before you plan to float the Slab Creek Reach to arrange vehicle escort to the unloading point just above the lower concrete construction access road.
No public vehicle access on Saturday while the pour is underway. It is possible that access could be re-instated Saturday afternoon once the pour is completed.
The North Canyon gate at Slab Creek Rd. should be open on Sunday, 12/17/17.

NOTE: I'm seeking video clips of the Slab Creek Reach. If anyone has taken some video of their runs down the SFAR from Slab, I'd greatly appreciate a copy! Let me know and we can make arrangements to pick up a copy. Thanks!

Thanks again - be SAFE on the River!
Dave Crespo, SMUD 916-718-4450
Posted: 1 day agoPost Subject: Slab Creek Access During Construction 12-13-17
Good Morning Boaters!

Public vehicle access to the Slab Creek Reach is authorized from today through Friday 12/15/17. Standard protocol – call me to arrange for an escort to the landing at the dam. From there boaters portage their boats down to the Slab Creek Reach Put-In.

There is a concrete pour scheduled for this Saturday, 12/16/17. It’s a fairly large pour, accordingly, there is no planned public vehicle access on Saturday. You’re of course, welcome to call me just in case the pour ends early.

Please contact me via a phone call, email or text to arrange for an escort or with any questions you may have.

thanks! Be Safe on the River!

Dave Crespo, SMUD 916-718-4450
Posted: 2 hours agoPost Subject: Slab Creek Access During Construction 12-14-17 Update
Good Afternoon Boaters...

Access to the Slab Creek Reach below Slab Creek Reservoir will have the following access restrictions:

Friday, 12/15/17: No concrete pours scheduled for Friday. There will be limited staff available to provide escort, so if you're hoping to yak the Slab Creek Reach on Friday, please text today (Thursday) to make arrangements. Friday morning from 10 to Noon is a good time to launch. Later in the afternoon we may have staffing challenges.

Saturday, 12/16/17: A small concrete pour in the morning. Public vehicle access should be allowed in the afternoon after 1pm. As always, call or text in advance to make arrangements for escort.

Sunday, 12/17/17: The North Canyon gate to Slab will be open and public access is available without advance arrangements.

Monday, 12/18/17: Public vehicle access is allowed. Call or text in advance to schedule escort.

Tuesday, 12/19/17: Concrete pour scheduled. This pour may be an all-day effort. No public vehicle access is allowed.

Thanks! Dave Crespo, SMUD david.crespo@smud.org, 916-718-4450 for text or voice.

Be Safe on the River!
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