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 Topic:  San Lorenzo Hazards 

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Posted: Mar 6, 2017Post Subject: San Lorenzo Hazards
A few days ago we ran the San Lo gorge run and it was mostly clear. The slide that happened below the rincon takeout where the old concrete walls are has cleared itself with just one redwood left thats is easy to miss. The waterfall had no wood in it but one big rock seems to have shifted. After you boof off the first drop on river left and land in the very aerated pool below it you have to make a ferry move across the pool towards river right to miss a big pourover rock. That rock used to stay covered at 500 cfs and was a boof. Now its sticking up with a lot of current slamming into it and the move to miss it is harder. I would recommend scouting it.
There was one last class III rapid in a blind turn before you got to Paradise Park that had dangerous wood in it last year. This year the river took the bend out of it and you can see all the way down it and there was less of a rapid and no wood.

Yesterday I ran the Boulder Creek to Ben Lomond stretch. Most of that was clear but just above Ben Lomond there was a big slide, not the one that has Hwy 9 chunked out but downstream of it a whole section of cliff let go and took a ton of trees into the river. They made a log jam in two obvious places, the first being in the only IIIish rapid on the run and second piled up against a bridge. After we portaged the III we saw a sneak on far river right. The bridge was a mandatory portage. Carl
Posted: Mar 20, 2017Post Subject: Video of New Rock
We just did a run a few days ago, here is some video that shows that ugly new rock in the Waterfall, shows at 1:50 into the video...

SLvideo 3.15.17.
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