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Help - River Graph Panels

  • Up to five graphs for the same gauge site are displayed on the page, typically in miniature, as follows:
  • The 'day' graph (top left) displays past, current, and possibly future flows, for several days (usually seven).
  • The 'month' graph (bottom left) displays flows for the past 30 days.
  • The 'year' graph (top center) displays noontime flow (if available, otherwise daily averages), for the past five years.
  • The 'averages' graph (bottom center) displays the weighted average, weighted median, and minimum flows for each day of the year, computed over the specified range of years.
  • The 'fantasy' graph (top right) displays expected future flows for the next several days (usually five).  Some of these graphs show scheduled releases, in which case they will most likely happen.  Others show projected flows based on the weather and other factors, and these are much less reliable (hence the "fantasy" label).
  • The page displays all five possible graphs for this gauge, or a placebo message if a particular graph isn't available.  Click on a graph to display the full-sized version in a separate pop-up window.  The pop-up window can be moved by dragging the gray bar at the top of the pop-up.  If it's a Dreamflows-generated graph then a Download button is displayed, and clicking on it allows you to download that graph to your machine.  [If it's not a Dreamflows-generated graph then use your browser to download the image by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Save Image As..." or equivalent].
  • Where possible Dreamflows displays an agency-generated graph (usually white background) rather than a Dreamflows-generated graph (yellow background) for the 'day' graph.  [This is to conserve agency and Dreamflows resources].  The agency graphs can however load slowly.
  • When it initially loads, the page will auto-zoom to the size to your screen (e.g. 1024x768 or 1920x1080 or something else).
  • When it initially loads, the page will also attempt to auto-zoom to the size to your browser's viewport in such a way that all five graphs are visible on the page at the same time . [The viewport is the display part of your browser, i.e. most of the screen if the browser is maximized, or less if you've resized your browser].
  • You can over-ride the auto-zoom using the + and - buttons.
  • Note that your browser or operating system has its own zoom function, usually accessed by pressing Ctrl+ and Ctrl-.  However that applies to the whole page or whole system and may persist as you select other tabs or visit other pages, whereas the graphs panel zoom mechanism applies only to the current tab and only while you're on the graphs panel page.
  • Click your browser's Reload button to reload the graph data.  Note, though, that:
  • Most 'day' graphs are updated with new data only about once an hour.
  • All 'fantasy' graphs are updated with new data only twice a day (9am and 5pm).
  • All other graphs are updated only once a day (at around 10pm).
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