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 Topic:  Truckee River - Cable Hazard! 

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Posted: May 16, 2006Post Subject: Truckee River - Cable Hazard!
On the Truckee River, in the town of Truckee about 2/3 of the way down the class III- rapid there is a set of cables that are suspended across the river. One of the cable has lost some of its support and the middle 30' portion of it is dragging in the river. Since this is in the middle of the long boulder-dogdgng rapid in town it could be very hazardous for a swimmer. or someone in a raft. We were in IK's and went river left under a portion of the cable that was about 5ft above the water (at 1275cfs). Be careful !!!
Posted: May 24, 2006Post Subject: removed
Cables have been cut
Forums -> Archive -> Truckee River - Cable Hazard! Page 1 of 1