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 Topic:  New Logs - NF Yuba (Goodyears Bar) 

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Posted: Apr 22, 2006Post Subject: New Logs - NF Yuba (Goodyears Bar)
There are two new strainers (logs) in Rams Horn rapid. The first is near the top of the rapid, in the Class II-III section before the river splits into three distinct channels. This log stretches from river left (it is still deeply rooted in the soil) across the entire river. On the far right side, it may be possible to run over the log, but it is still 12-16 inches thick (top of the tree), and we elected to portage around it.

Directly below this log, the far-right channel (seldom run by rafts) is completely blocked by a very large, dangerous-looking tree. The "normal" (center) channel is clear, as is the left channel.
Forums -> Hazards -> New Logs - NF Yuba (Goodyears Bar) Page 1 of 1