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 Topic:  Arroyo Seco 8.1 is all good! 

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Posted: Dec 18, 2009Post Subject: Arroyo Seco 8.1 is all good!
The gauge changed several years ago, 7.7-8.1 is all good class IV. We will explore the higher flows as the opportunity presents itself.
Posted: Jan 5, 2010Post Subject: 7.6 online very low
just wanted to add that I have been down a few times this year.
7.8 seemed medium/low online gauge
7.75 low but fun
7.65 very low but fun

Gorge is good at low flows but the stretch below the gorge to the parking lot gets boney below 7.8 still fun. I notice the gauge is green when its actually too low. I think 7.65 online is close to minimum in general. This is just my opinion I would be curious to see what everyone else thinks.
Posted: Feb 1, 2010Post Subject: 8.6 is all good too!
I just ran Arroyo Seco for the first time with my friend yesterday, and the gauge was around 8.6. It was a lot of fun! The gorge is semi-continuous in parts, usually with the fun stuff leading right into the tough stuff. It all goes (usually boofing left), though the backwash in the 3 biggest drops is pretty nasty so take care when running them. Also, the first one is portageable on right or left, the second isn't (but it's a relatively easy boof), and the third (Mucho Cajones) was a tough portage left for my friend - lowering his kayak down into a very turbulent eddie (basically the whole pool below the drop was combo of turbulent boil and eddie).

We met up with 2 other guys, one of whom had run the creek at lower flows and said he thought it was easier and more fun than flows around 400-500 cfs but harder and less bony than flows below 400 cfs. Overall a very fun level!
Forums -> Flows -> Arroyo Seco 8.1 is all good! Page 1 of 1