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 Topic:  Logs on River Bridge Run 

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Posted: Jun 22, 2009Post Subject: Logs on River Bridge Run
There is usually a lot of wood on the River Bridge run, but I wanted to mention 2 logs that could really cause problems for boaters as of June '09.

One is in the very 1st rapid after the put-in below River Bridge. We used to enter on the left of a rock island and take a chute with a play wave toward the right behind the island. The log is blocking that chute and can't be seen until you have committed to the left entry.

There is a clean run down the center of the rapid, for the time being - in the past it has been blocked by wood.

The other log of particular danger is in a class III rapid about 1/2 or 2/3 of the way down the run. The river goes around a left bend. You can see several large logs piled on the right bank. The river drops into white water and there are two large rocks in the middle of the rapid. We used to run the center and paddle around the rocks.

At this time the left side of the rapid is clean and straight. The problem log is just under the surface and reaches across from the right bank to about the middle of the top of the rapid.

A couple years ago I didn't see it until the last second and had to paddle like mad to get my kayak over the top of it.

A couple weekends ago a friend of mine got pinned on the log and his spray skirt combing was caught on a short nub on the log.

He was able to lean downstream and hold his head out of the water with his paddle against the river bottom, but was in a desperate situation for about 10 minutes.

He could not release his spray skirt because it was pinned against the log. He ended up slipping out of his spray skirt tunnel to get out of his boat. He was smart enough to have purchased a large-tunnel spray skirt.

I encourage boaters to be on the lookout for wood on all of the Upper N Fork Rogue runs. Expect logs to be in bad places. Scout and paddle accordingly.

nick sinderson
Posted: Jun 29, 2009Post Subject: North Fork Rogue River Bridge Wood
The rapid mentioned in the previous post is a few drops past the 'big one' ie. the rapid that ends in either the 3' ledge drop or the two hole chute on the right with the trees in the run-out on the right. So when you past this one start paying attention, and when you see the logs piled up on the right, bounce down the left. Also of note is to watch-out in 'Fat Lady Sings" (the last rapid) wood has been lodged in the rocks in the rarely run FAR LEFT channel of the boulder drop the last couple years. The wood is just under the surface and not visable until you've commited to running this narrow chute making for a serious pinning hazard
Posted: Oct 11, 2009Post Subject: Log Updates
The log in the first rapid is still there, but someone made a saw cut on one end and it's hanging precariously over the channel. Do NOT walk across it - it may move and dump you into the water, or worse, roll over on you. Hopefully, high water will pick it up and move it downstream.

The other log (2/3 of the way down the run) has shifted in its channel slightly and is still a serious threat to anyone running the right half of the rapid, especially at lower water. It is very hard to see from the boat. The left side is clear for the time being, but scouting is recommended.

The landmarks are the large bare dirt embankment on river-right just before the river goes around the corner to the left. There is also some red flagging on a pole on river-right. The flagging is about 15' upstream of the hazard log.

Please alert your fellow boaters to these hazards if they are new to the river.

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nick sinderson
Posted: Mar 28, 2010Post Subject: Log is now gone
The log has washed downsteam, but the need for caution is still called for, as this spot is a magnet for wood.
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