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 Topic:  Middle Pauley Sketchy Wood 

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Posted: May 18, 2009Post Subject: Middle Pauley Sketchy Wood
...not far below the sweet little gorge with the double drop followed closely by a steep six foot drop that is run against the far right wall...

Around the corner from that, at the end of a pool there is a narrow three-four foot drop between a log jam on the left shore and a rock in the center of the river. For those that know the run, it's the one with an unavoidable rock in the bottom that sends you right.
There's a submerged log across drop which is not so much of a problem at our flow. The problem is there is a thick nub of a branch sticking up that can be hard to see. I got wedged and stuck at the lip of the drop with way too much of my boat on the upstream side of that log for my liking...had to yell for help and afterwards clean my shorts.
I cut the nub down but couldn't get it all, might still be enough of it there to wedge a boat..
There is enough room to run the drop if you hug the rock. Just stay away from the left side of the drop.

This was at an estimated 250cfs.
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