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 Topic:  South Feather 2023 release schedule 

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Posted: Sep 22, 2023Post Subject: South Feather 2023 release schedule
South Feather Water & Power writes as follows:

Beginning Monday, 9/25, SFWPA will increase the LGVR release to approximately 410 cfs. This increase will be complete by the
morning of Thursday, 9/28. The release will remain at 410 cfs until Monday, 10/9, at which SFWPA will begin to decrease the
release to approximately 135 cfs. This decrease will be complete Wednesday, 10/11. The LGVR release will remain at 135 cfs for
around 17 days. SFWPA will then decrease the release to minimum instream flow

Due to regulatory constraints on the operation of Sly Creek Reservoir and the planned annual maintenance outage at Sly Creek
Powerhouse scheduled for the beginning of October, the LGVR release cannot remain at 410 cfs for the entirety of the drawdown.

The 2023 release schedule for the South Feather below Little Grass Valley Dam, which reflects the above, is now available.  See here.
Forums -> Flows -> South Feather 2023 release schedule Page 1 of 1