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 Topic:  Low bridge - North Fork 

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Posted: Mar 19, 2023Post Subject: Low bridge - North Fork
The low bridge is either bent or is tipping over, sorry i was too busy ducking. This will change the safe passage parameter. 3.1 feet, fully tucked and still thumped my head in a kayak. Rafts/canoes need a plan b at this level. Go right of the next midstream tree. Left was ugly.
Posted: Apr 2, 2023Post Subject: Bridge on North Fork
On April 1 2023 the Chalk Mountain Gauge was 2.94,and there was plenty of room to get under the bridge, even for rafts with rowing frames. At flows of 3.0 or greater, when room under the bridge is very limited, there is usually flow in the left hand channel about 100 yards upstream of the bridge. But there is brush at the bottom of this channel. It probably is safer just to take out at the beginning of the side channel and walk the boat to the downstream side of the bridge, and just put in there. It would only take a couple of minutes, and would be much safer. Also, be careful of the bridge even at lower flows. On April 1 there was significant wood stuck under the right hand side of the bridge.
Posted: Apr 11, 2023Post Subject: Chalk Mountain Gauge
The streambed at this gauge appears to have increased in elevation such that historical reference levels no longer apply. Based on the 10 cfs release from Indian Valley Dam and an estimated less than 100 cfs from tributaries (the tributary drainage between Indian Valley Reservoir and Highway 20 is smaller than that of nearby Bear Creek), the North Fork should currently be too low to float for normal people. Alternately, if you subtract the current Clear Lake release and Bear Creek from the flow at Rumsey, you only get 50 cfs left for the North Fork Cache plus other main Cache tributaries between Clear Lake and the Bear Creek confluence, which I think is too small (likely due to flow measurement errors at the contributing gauges).

Mike Koza, formerly Kflow flow phone operator
Forums -> Hazards -> Low bridge - North Fork Page 1 of 1