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 Topic:  May 22-28, 2018 update 

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Paul Redd
Posted: May 18, 2018Post Subject: May 22-28, 2018 update
Change order issued 5/18 includes flows from 22nd to 28th. Each day starts around 1350-1500 at midnight, then ramps up to about 1650-1800 near noon, then ramps back down to 1400 range by 10 pm. Chris asked me to post this until he gets a chance to update the schedule. I have exact numbers if you need them - reply here.
Paul Redd
Site Admin
Posted: May 25, 2018
Thanks for posting, Paul. The scheduled release page has now been updated to match.
Forums -> Flows -> May 22-28, 2018 update Page 1 of 1