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 Topic:  What's up with Slab Creek Flows! 

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Posted: Sep 8, 2017Post Subject: What's up with Slab Creek Flows!
I wanted to give paddlers a heads up that SMUD has started construction on the Slab Creek Powerhouse and Boating Flow Release Valve. This structure will allow SMUD to produce power, provide the license required instream minimum flows and will allow them to provide future recreational releases without having to coordinate spill with their reservoirs above Slab Creek Dam.

Please keep in mind that the flows you see now spilling over Slab Creek may or may not reach levels that provide boating opportunities. American Whitewater and the UARP Consultation Group made a request to shape these flows but SMUD did not commit to do so.

That being said, while this construction proceeds SMUD will be tentively spilling 24/7 to provide the required recreational flows below Chili Bar through November. If there is flow opportunity on Slab the current status from SMUD is Slab Creek Road will be open this weekend Sept 9 & 10. Pedestrians are allowed down the Construction Access Road only to the pedestrian bridge path. No foot traffic is allowed beyond the pedestrian bridge on the South Bank of the American River. The road will be closed during the week from Sept 11th thru Sept 15th and open again on the weekend.

For more information go to https://www.smud.org/en/about-smud/community/recreational-areas/UARP-conditions/

I will post any new info that comes our way.
Forums -> Flows -> What's up with Slab Creek Flows! Page 1 of 1