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 Topic:  Wood Changes (good/bad) in Lovers as of April 2017 

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Posted: Apr 2, 2017Post Subject: Wood Changes (good/bad) in Lovers as of April 2017
39 to 35 mile tract section of Lovers Leap is open for business. Went in on Saturday 4/1. here is what we found.

**Flows:** Kyburz ~1250. Silver Fork ~950. You should be boating on roughly the difference but some caution is advised when trusting the Silver Fork gauge. We had moderate flows at TO (35 mile tract), Low/Minimium flows at putin (39 Mile tract -- Tract gated due to snow. 3-4' of snow on the bank. Flow picked up quickly based on accretion.

**Wood:** No river wide wood above log jam portage. Log jam portage has mostly broken free and i suspected we'd be walking out. It was actually better than in past few years. There was a new log jam portage just down stream and while there was definitely wood in the river bed that will be moving around as flows come up, it was not bad the day we went. We had ~3 wood portages total. There was only one "blind" log that was a major hazard. It was ~1/4-1/2 mile below rotator cuff. Log in the main slot (80% of the water) on the river right with water moving from right to left. Log is at/under water level and would be a nasty one. It is one of the last drops in a series of drops. There were 2 other sneak slots to the left of this hazard... Summary stay on your toes below the log jam. Esp the last ~1 mile when it gets more continuous and steep
Thomas M
Posted: Apr 3, 2017Post Subject: Silver fek gauge not working
The gauge for the silver frk above s frk American is not working at this time. Flows being reported are not accurate.
Forums -> Hazards -> Wood Changes (good/bad) in Lovers as of April 2017 Page 1 of 1