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 Topic:  Lake level 

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Posted: Apr 5, 2014Post Subject: Lake level
Is Camp 9 runnable since the lake level is so low. Also what is a good flow to hit it at. The flow seems to be low, but this might be better to scout it out. Any info on this run would be great.


Posted: Apr 7, 2014Post Subject: stan flows
here's a link to a post on boof from a couple months ago regarding flows on the stanislaus river.
Posted: Aug 1, 2015Post Subject: 4 pm releases
It seems like there is a release each day at 4 pm between 600 and 1200 cfs.
This may become a runnable wave of water.
The current lake level is 823 ft as of July 27, 2015.
Maybe after a month of these flows enough silt will be gone to run the old Camp Nine Run
to the Old Parrotts Ferry Bridge!
Forums -> General -> Lake level Page 1 of 1