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 Topic:  Old mining cable across river 

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Posted: Apr 22, 2012Post Subject: Old mining cable across river
On 3/21/12 there was a potentially dangerous metal cable hanging across the river at river level (about 800 cfs). We were able to scoot over it in the middle of the river. It is well into the run, a few good rapids before highway rapid. I think it is where the highway first comes back into view from river level. There is a steep embankment on river right, with large boulders cemented into the wall at the top. Someone noticed a metal cart on shore (I think on river right as well.) The cable was at head height on both sides of the river!
Posted: Apr 28, 2012Post Subject: Cable is out of the way
Looks like a log took out the cable which is now along the river right shore. When you approach the rapid you can see it and it still appears to be in the way from the top of the rapid but the cable is now totally out of play and creates no hazard as of 4/28/12.
Forums -> Hazards -> Old mining cable across river Page 1 of 1