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 Topic:  NF Feather Flows - Tobin 

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Posted: Apr 19, 2007Post Subject: NF Feather Flows - Tobin
The NF Feather (Rock Creek, Cresta) gauges aren't reporting right now. Dave Steindorf of AW says PG&E are "looking into it".

Darrick and I went up to run Tobin yesterday anyway, thinking we should have boatable flow, but got skunked (200 cfs max).

Dave Steindorf also reports (about the Tobin flows): "Last week the DWR forecast put us into a critically dry year. As such, the flows get reduced to 100 cfs, it sucks but it is what is in the license. It may go back up if we get more rain before the final forecast in May".
Forums -> Archive -> NF Feather Flows - Tobin Page 1 of 1