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 Topic:  NF Kings and Dinkey Creek Estimates 

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Site Admin
Posted: Jun 20, 2006Post Subject: NF Kings and Dinkey Creek Estimates
The Dreamflows estimates for Dinkey Creek, and the NF Kings above Dinkey Creek, were apparently incorrect, so I've temporarilly stopped them. Paul Martzen reports "I looked at Dinkey on Sunday and my rough estimate is that it is closer to 500 cfs as it looks like a really excellent flow right now, and not low at all".

Dreamflows was estimating too low. Evidently one or the other of the two gauges that Dreamflows uses to make the estimates from is incorrect, or perhaps our estimating model has a flaw in it. We'll let you know what we discover.
paul martzen
Posted: Jun 21, 2006Post Subject: Flow update
Dinkey flow wednesday morning (June 21, 2006) was reported to be 870 cfs, so even my estimate of 500 cfs on Sunday may have been low. A contact at PG&E is willing to provide estimates of Dinkey Flows, but naturally that will tend to be sporadic rather than daily.

When I get up there next I intend to ask at the rafting companies, Kings River Expeditions, Whitewater Voyages, and Zephyr to see if someone is willing to go look at the flows on a daily basis and report back.

Paul Martzen
paul martzen
Posted: Jun 29, 2006Post Subject: Dinkey, June 29, 2006
Dinkey Creek is reported to be 530 cfs this morning, Thursday June 29, 2006 at Balch Camp.

It also appears that the spill into the NF Kings may be winding down, in which case the flow in the NF below Dinkey will again be mostly from Dinkey.

If you are in the Balch Camp area today or tomorrow, it might be worth looking at the Balch afterbay to Balch Camp section. It seldom has appropriate flows.

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