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 Topic:  Final Schedule Ice House and Slab Creek 

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Posted: Apr 11, 2018Post Subject: Final Schedule Ice House and Slab Creek
On vacation this week but had to take a little time to share the good news – the April Bulletin 120 from DWR reports we are officially in a BELOW NORMAL water year on the Upper American watershed!!! Soooo here is the final rec flow schedule for Ice House and Slab Creek:

SF Silver Creek Below Ice House

10 AM to 3 PM
June 16: 400 cfs
June 23 & 24: 500 cfs
June 30: 400 cfs

SF American Below Slab Creek

10 AM to 4 PM
April 21 & 22: 1,000 cfs
April 28 & 29: 1,100 cfs
May 5 & 6: 1,100 cfs

There is some bad news and that is the reality on the ground of the take-out options for Slab Creek. SMUD Is not coordinating interim arrangements for take-out at Rock Creek. Therefore, SMUD is reporting that the Rock Creek take-out gate will be closed. YOU CAN TAKE OUT HERE but you will have to hike up to Rock Creek Road. Please do not block the gate here. SMUD is directing folks who choose this option to use the limited parking on Rock Creek Road or to use the limited take-out at Mosquito Road Bridge. (If this changes I’ll let you know)

On another note, please know your take out at Rock Creek from river level. On river landmarks for the take-out are powerlines overhead followed by Rock Creek flowing in on river right. Please keep in mind this is the only legal takeout after Mosquito Road Bridge – PG&E does not allow take out on Chili Bar reservoir.

If you use Mosquito Road Bridge for take-out you are only allowed to park in the limited spots down by the bridge. My usual PSA – PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC ACCESS ACROSS OR AT THE BRIDGE. This bridge is one of only two roadways in and out of the town of Swansboro and locals are understandably rather sensitive to this fact.

At any rate enjoy the recreational flows and know that American Whitewater will continue to work on improving the take-out situation at Slab Creek i.e. it may be time to take this up the ladder to the folks who issued the hydropower license - the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
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Posted: Apr 11, 2018
These schedules are available in calendar form on the Ice House and Slab Creek scheduled release pages.
Forums -> Flows -> Final Schedule Ice House and Slab Creek Page 1 of 1