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 Topic:  Tuolumne - Don Pedro Paddle Out 

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Posted: Jul 31, 2017Post Subject: Tuolumne - Don Pedro Paddle Out
Dreamflows started reporting the paddle out across Don Pedro Reservoir on the Lower "T" a few days ago.

Initially, reservoir elevation data was taken from CDEC, but yesterday Dreamflows switched to using Turlock Irrigation District data (since the TID data is believed to be more accurate). The two values are slightly different: not different enough to significantly affect paddle out distance, but different enough that there's a definite jump in the graph on July 30.

Co-incidentally, the reservoir elevation started to increase at the same time that Dreamflows switched the data source from CDEC to TID. The resulting graph looks suspicious - initially the graph was falling, but after the upward jump it immediately starts to rise. However, it really is a co-incidence - the graph is accurately reporting TID data, and CDEC and TID agree that the reservoir is indeed filling again.
Forums -> Flows -> Tuolumne - Don Pedro Paddle Out Page 1 of 1