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 Topic:  Middle Feather Clio to Mohawk 

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Posted: Jun 12, 2016Post Subject: Middle Feather Clio to Mohawk
Has anybody gone done the Middle Fork of Feather River, Clio to Mohawk Bridge. Can anyone help me figure out if there will be enough water in the last two weeks of July (2016 of course) to be able to at least float down?
Thanks Tom Alex
Site Admin
Posted: Jun 12, 2016
I assume the flow estimated by the Dreamflows 'Mi. Feather - Below Sloat' virtual gauge would be close enough for this run. Assuming so, you can get an idea of recent trends and longer-term average flows here. If you figure out beta for the run, and if it's worth doing, let me know please and I'll add run information to Dreamflows.
Forums -> General -> Middle Feather Clio to Mohawk Page 1 of 1