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Posted: Apr 2, 2007Post Subject: Dreamflows upgrade
Dreamflows has consolidated the Bulletin Board, Alerts and Reports Via Email (now called Email Reports) systems all under one login/username/password umbrella. The overall result is a somewhat new look, with better access to your Alerts and Email Reports account information, and improved navigation. Note that the Dreamflows home page is now index.php instead of the old index.html. To understand how to navigate around the system, and get various levels of help, start with the main help page.

If you previously had a bulletin board account, then it has become your new consolidated Dreamflows account. Use your consolidated account for access to all three systems (Bulletin Board, Email Reports and Alerts).

The major changes are as follows:

* You can now interactively view and change your Email Reports settings. To access, click on "Email Reports" in the blue banner of a Dreamflows webpage.

* Alerts now uses the same login mechanism, and has the same look and feel, as the rest of Dreamflows. To access, click on "Alerts" in the blue banner of a Dreamflows webpage.

* You can now ask for Bulletin Board Alerts, which sends you email when new messages of the general kind specified by you are posted to the bulletin board. This is different from watching a specific topic on the bulletin board. To sign up, click on "Alerts" in the blue banner of a Dreamflows webpage and select "Board Setup".

* All the major webpages are in the new format, which has a different set of links in the blue banner at the top of the page, and a gray linkbar at the bottom. I'll be converting the rest of the pages as time permits.

A plug: I can fix something on Dreamflows only if I know it's broken. So, if you notice something is incorrect on Dreamflows, please write and tell me about it. That way I know to fix it.

Another plug: as always, remember that the best starting point for posting a new topic to the bulletin board is the flow reports. Click through to the bulletin board from the flow site relevant to your post, using the link under the 'BBS' heading. This will automatically associate your message with the flow site you selected. Thanks!

Have fun
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