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 Topic:  Marsh Creek 

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Posted: Jun 16, 2005Post Subject: Marsh Creek

Just completed Marsh Creek on June 15, 2005. There's a new Forest Service sign at the put in warning of logjams and against running the river. A forest service van with volunteers warned us against running it also, saying it was impossible to reach Dagger Falls. We had 2 class 5 kayakers and 3 class 2-3 sit on top plastic ducky-ers. the run was inconsequential and easy class 3 for the most part, requiring only good whitewater skills and sense, except for about 1.5 hours downstream, where there is a class 3 rapid squished against a cliff on the left wall, and around a blind turn a huge log across the entire river chest high. Good kayakers can catch a good eddy or two and simply portage over the right side of the log. All rafts and folks not totally confident of thier skills should hang back and watch for the portage signal, as entry into this rapid for them would spell disaster! (Nothing a good chainsaw and 15 minutes wouldn't fix.) It seems several groups preceding us this spring had huge carnage there. Other than this one obstacle, the rest of the reach is a blast! A 13 year old in a ducky on his first river trip did fine, with the caveat that the duckies held back and watched for our signal, and were ready to portage (along a good trail) when it came!

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