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 Topic:  Dreamflows has a new bulletin board 

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Posted: Dec 6, 2006Post Subject: Dreamflows has a new bulletin board
Dreamflows now has its own home-grown Bulletin Board (BB), written from scratch. This board is well-tested, by me and several others, some of whom spent a lot of time on this. But still, this is brand-new software - please help me fix any issues you find by reporting them ...

I've converted all the messages, and kept your username, password and applicable profile settings from the old board. However, some settings don't have exact equivalents in the new board, so please check your profile to make sure they're set to what you want.

Your overall experience should be more-or-less the same as before ... with these enhancements:

* The flow reports now have links into the bulletin board, so (by clicking on the appropriate link) you can get a list of all topics applicable to a specific flow site. You can now also post a message for a specific flow site. Read all about how this works and what the symbols mean by clicking on the "BBS" heading on the reports.

* You can now upload a photo from your computer directly into a message that you're posting.

* Context-sensitive help is available for most pages. Just look for the in the grey menubar. Or you can click on "Help" to get all available help.

A final change is to the flow reports themselves: the flow pages now report all sites and I'm busy retiring the suppressed pages. This means the reports are even bigger - since nothing's suppressed - but the advantage is that you now have all flow information for a given zone in one place, all the time. Let me know how this works for you please - pros and cons.

Have fun
Forums -> Archive -> Dreamflows has a new bulletin board Page 1 of 1