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 Topic:  California Women's Rafting Team 

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Posted: Jun 21, 2006Post Subject: California Women's Rafting Team
Yes, folks, we have one. I encourage any and all of you to come out to the Gore Race on August 19th to watch six tough, rad chicks rock Colorado's world on their home turf - or at least give them some friendly competition. We're trying to set up a website for our bios and stuff- it's still under construction, but here's the team so far, so if you know us, cheer us on!!! Below is who we are, and what company we work for (although we all kind of end up working for a few, we know...).

Due to injuries, our team roster has changed quite a bit. Check it out:

Nicole (Niki) Nasser: Team Captain, Zephyr Whitewater, Mariah (I'm not Nikki from Australia), and Tributary.

Liz Condon: Zephyr Whitewater/Sierra Mac.

Monica Meyers: Tributary and Wilderness Adventures.

Jodi Yocum: Wilderness Adventures

Tina Swan: Kayaker

Emily Weir: Tributary

This group of women are Tuolumne, Merced, Yuba, CalSalmon, Kaweah, etc guides who have a passion for whitewater and for working together. We'll keep you posted on what happens and who the next woman who joins up is- and we'll post a link to our website once it's up and running.
Paddle safe, and have fun everyone!
Forums -> Archive -> California Women's Rafting Team Page 1 of 1