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Topic: Lost Carlisle Oars - Black 8 ft
Views: 3978
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jun 8, 2014Post Subject: Lost Carlisle Oars - Black 8 ft
Hello, A couple friends and I ran the lower half of the river yesterday (HLP to Skunk Hollow), taking out around 5 PM. When we got home, we realized that my oars didn't make it in the truck. They ...
Topic: Wilderness Run - 6/1/2013
Views: 3753
Forum: GeneralPost time: Jun 2, 2013Post Subject: Wilderness Run - 6/1/2013
Here are a few videos from yesterday's trip down the wilderness run. Approximate flow was 680 ...
Topic: Cache Creek - Rumsay bridge access
Views: 8002
Forum: Access IssuesPost time: Apr 14, 2013Post Subject: Re: Prescriptive Easement
"Prescriptive Easement/Adverse Possession" are terms in law that refer to an area of law which overrides statuary property rights where it can be shown (by photos, testimony, prior ...
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