Hetch Hetchy Water and Power reported on February 11 as follows:



HHWP will be attempting to send monthly emails on river conditions between now and the start of the summer recreation season in May. We will give more or less detail on individual flows as needed or available. Note that these are all planned releases – any sort of emergency or change in operational needs can result in significant deviations from these flows. Please be careful in the Tuolumne River, and know that flows can change suddenly.

For the remainder of February:

Minimal releases expected from the Hetch Hetchy, Cherry and Eleanor reservoirs as we refill storage from the summer.

No excess generation expected from Kirkwood Powerhouse

Holm Powerhouse will generate between 50 and 500 cfs. Generation patterns will follow City power needs, and can vary significantly throughout the day and week.

Any significant changes to the schedule will be posted on the bulletin board.