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Illinois River - Composite
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Reaches Key:

Rough and Ready Creek - NF/SF Confluence to Hwy 199 Bridge (5.6 miles, IV (P), WWGuidebook)

Canyon Creek - Rocky Bar Gulch to Illinois River (2.6 or 7.2 miles, IV, AWA)

Briggs Creek - Brushy Bar to Briggs Creek Campground (3.5 miles, V, AWA)

NF Silver Creek - Headwaters to Illinois River (22.5 miles, IV to V (V+), AWA)

Illinois River - Highway 199 to Miami Bar (16.4 miles, II to III, AWA)

Illinois River - Miami Bar to Oak Flat (31 miles, IV+ (IV), Soggy4 p122)

Note:  Dotted lines on the map are not part of the run, but help to show the location of the gauge/other features relative to put-in/take-out locations.