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 Topic:  Put-In and Take Out Access 

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Posted: Dec 27, 2010Post Subject: Put-In and Take Out Access
If interested in this run, It would be a very good idea to have a shuttle driver and to scout the put in and take out in advance so you (and your driver) are familiar with the logistics. The shuttle is long and winter daylight hours are short. Never the less we saw one parking spot near the put in that seemed legal, but did not see any legal parking near the reservoir. It seems one could take out via a boat ramp and hike up a private/county road "near" the dam, but "no tresspassing signs" may have been posted. It would also be wise to utilze one of the nearby county park parking lots to suit up so as not to linger near the put-in on Kincaid road as it is rumored that boaters are not welcomed. No celphone signals are available near the put-in or take-out (and presumably on the run)
Forums -> Access Issues -> Put-In and Take Out Access Page 1 of 1