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 Topic:  New Wood! (Takelma Gorge) 

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J St John
Posted: Apr 1, 2010Post Subject: New Wood! (Takelma Gorge)
Just a heads up to anyone venturing into Takelma Gorge. The class 3 lead in rapid to the gorge has a river wide log in it. This log is a must portage!! As many of us know the lead in rapid is around a left hand corner and has some fast moving water leading up to this point. There are eddies on both sides right above the drop. So make sure you are payin attention it would be bad news if you ended up tanglin with this one. I will note also. This wood is going to move into the gorge with higher water. So if the log is gone when you get to this rapid I highly recomment scouting 1 and 2 from the trail above. Hopefully it moves all the way through the gorge but highly unlikely it will make it past #3. Other than that the Gorge itself is really good this year as of 03/24/10.

Josh St. John
Posted: Aug 30, 2010Post Subject: Takelma Wood
The wood in the lead-in is gone now, but there is new wood in the #3 below the normal portage. You will clearly see it when you are putting back in from the portage. There is a line around it, but it is in the normal line (well, my normal line anyway).

Forums -> Hazards -> New Wood! (Takelma Gorge) Page 1 of 1