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 Topic:  Lost Puma on Pauley 

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Posted: May 6, 2019Post Subject: Lost Puma on Pauley
Yesterday, May 5, we took a purple Puma down Pauley Creek. We had a mishap and the boat continued downstream without us. We climbed out of the canyon and then saw it about half way down the run in an eddy on river left. This morning it was gone. I don't know if it's still on Pauley, or on the Downie, or on the NF Yuba, or all the way to New Bullards Bar Reservoir. It's about 11.5 ft long by 5.5 ft wide. It's purple with a grey floor and thwarts. When last seen, it had a green Aire pump, a spare Carlson paddle, and a mesh bag with a little dry box and some boat straps, strapped to it. If anyone finds it, please call me at 925-405-2270. There is a reward. Thanks Ken
Forums -> General -> Lost Puma on Pauley Page 1 of 1