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 Topic:  Gauge problem 

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Posted: Jan 18, 2019Post Subject: Gauge problem
Thanks for reporting this. Dreamflows computes the Pigeon Point flow as the sum of the "North Fork Trinity" flow, plus the "Trinity Above North Fork" flow. The "Trinity Above North Fork" gauge is a USGS gauge not currently reported on Dreamflows, and that's the gauge that's gone haywire. You can see it here:


The crazy wiggles more-or-less match the crazy wiggles on the Pigeon Point graph. Obviously the gauge has issues.

I gotta go run an errand right now, but I'll post something about this on the BB when I get back. If you want to post yourself in the meantime (quoting all the above if you like) feel free.

Site Admin
Posted: Jan 18, 2019
Thanks for posting, Darryl.

- Chris
Forums -> Flows -> Gauge problem Page 1 of 1