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 Topic:  Devil's Nose Recreational Flows 2018 

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Posted: Mar 27, 2018Post Subject: Devil's Nose Recreational Flows 2018
The water year type on the Mokelumne River is forecasted to remain Dry. But we still have many options for boating!

In 2005 recreational flows on Devil’s Nose were discontinued to prevent negative impacts to Foothill Yellow Legged Frogs during the height of the breeding and egg laying season. This year PG&E and the ERC have agreed to test a recreational flow release before this crucial time period in April. The caveat being the available flows per the 2001 hydropower license in Dry years are set at 700 cfs - favorable for inflatable kayaks but likely too low for hardshell. At any rate it was an offer made by PG&E that AW did not refuse.

NF Mokelumne River - Devil’s Nose Cls V
10 AM - 12 PM
700 cfs
April 7 & 8
Posted: Apr 2, 2018Post Subject: 2018 Devil's Nose Scheduled Recreational Days CANCELLED

Just got off the phone with PG&E regarding this weekends scheduled recreational flows. Good news is this next storm event is going to bring a deluge of rain on snow which will likely bump us from a DRY into a BELOW NORMAL water year for the Mokelumne watershed. Quite literally, a scenario none expected during our Ecological Resource Committee meeting with PG&E and the USFS just last week. So that’s the GOOD NEWS…the BAD NEWS is scheduled recreational flows for APRIL on Devil’s Nose and Tiger Creek are CANCELLED. It is unlikely that PG&E will be able to control these flows and that means there will likely be no Devil’s Nose scheduled recreational flows for this year.

Now back to the GOOD NEWS - all the cancelled scheduled flow dates (4 days) in APRIL on Devil’s Nose and Tiger Creek can be rescheduled in May and June on Tiger Creek. Also, bumping into a Below Normal Year means more flow dates for Electra. The ERC, PG&E and the USFS will be discussing the new dates later this month so stay tuned. I will also try to advocate for at least another Friday flow on Tiger Creek for our friends working commercial trips on the weekends.

More when I have it!
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