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 Topic:  Dreams Gauge for NF American 

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Posted: Jan 28, 2017Post Subject: Dreams Gauge for NF American
Just wondering if the gauge reading on the dreamflows site is the same gauge reading off the Iowa Hill Bridge at the Chamberlin Falls put in. Thank you in advance.
Site Admin
Posted: Jan 28, 2017
No, it's a different gauge. The Iowa Hill Road bridge gauge is a physical gauge (as you know) but it's not reported online.

The 'No. American - Inflow Lake Clementine' gauge, which is reported online, is also a physical gauge which is located many miles downstream from the Iowa Hill Bridge gauge. During snow melt the flow at the two gauges can be pretty similar. But, during winter like now, the flow can be quite different (the Clementine flow will be higher).

You can see where the Clementine gauge is located by clicking on the brown (river name) link next to Clementine on a Dreamflows report, or by visiting the cross-listing page for California and searching for Clementine. [You can access the cross-listing page by clicking the Xlist link at the very bottom of this page]. Either way, click on the MAP or the COMP link next to the Chamberlain Falls entry to see where the gauge is located.
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