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 Topic:  Shuttle on So Fork American up & running 

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Posted: Jun 23, 2013Post Subject: Shuttle on So Fork American up & running

PRESS RELEASE – June 20th, 2013
Coloma Shuttle Program
Operated by: American River Recreation Association (a non-profit organization)
www.colomashuttle.com 530-303-2404

The Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce and American River Recreation Association, a non profit river recreation advocacy group, would like to announce the newly reformed Coloma Shuttle service in the Coloma-Lotus river valley and surrounding areas.
The Coloma Shuttle is a program funded by a grant from the El Dorado County Air Quality Management District. The mission is to reduce emissions from motor vehicles by offering a cost effective shuttle service for private river recreationalists and other visitors to the South Fork of the American River in the Coloma and Lotus river valley. This program has been made possible by the cooperation of El Dorado County Air Quality Management District, El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce, and American River Recreation Association.
The Coloma Shuttle program will be managed and operated by American River Recreation Association (ARRA), a non –profit organization focused on river access and recreational advocacy. Our goal is to have a private boater community based shuttle program that addresses the shuttle needs of the thousands of recreational boaters that visit our river valley each year and also helps reduce emissions and parking congestion in our valley. We will also offer services to weddings, special events, and private groups that need transportation in the area. We encourage your constructive feedback to help make the program better and appreciate any help that people are willing to offer to reach these goals.
We would especially like to thank Dan Crandall and The River Store Inc. for helping to create and operate the shuttle program for the first four years. The cooperative efforts and diligent support of both the River Store and other community organizations (El Dorado County River Management Advisory Committee, Coloma-Lotus Chamber of Commerce, and El Dorado County Air Quality Management District) helped create a necessary and successful service in the region that we hope will continue for years to come.
With the generous donation of a 15-passenger van and one custom designed boat trailer from The River Store, we are able to operate the shuttle service for the 2013 river season starting Memorial Day Weekend until the end of September. For more information please visit www.ColomaShuttle.com.
Forums -> General -> Shuttle on So Fork American up & running Page 1 of 1