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 Topic:  Tuolunne - Meral's Pool to Wards (or tow to Moccasin) 

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Posted: May 20, 2013Post Subject: Tuolunne - Meral's Pool to Wards (or tow to Moccasin)
Looking to float the T in near future (MAY-JUNE 2013) and would like to coordinate for safety and not be a single boat trip. I've done that in the past and it worked okay - but prefer the added safety of a loosely configure "buddy system". We're completely self-contained so can tag along at a distance or join a small group. Also want to coordinate with Marty for crane hoist at Wards - or tow out to Moccasin - whatever is possible - preferable to humpin' it all up the hill at Wards in the heat!

I'm an easy going guide with a few years Class V experience (6 years commercial with WWV). Been to a few rivers over time. Lost track of how many but been on some trips on the lower T and a few dozen trips on Cherry Creek.

Star Williams
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Posted: May 22, 2013Post Subject: Tag along
We have a 4 boat trip this Saturday. It is a one day one and we have our own lift system at the bridge for getting the rafts up to the bridge without humping. The rest of the gear we carry up. Our group consists of one paddle crew, one Cat, and two Oar paddle rafts.
Posted: May 22, 2013
I am doing three one day trips on June 7,8,9.

I row out and schlep my gear up but I go light. Youre welcome to tag along.

Dean 7one4299onenine4two
Posted: May 23, 2013Post Subject: Three day'r
Thanks for the offer all you gentle folk!

I was hoping to make my ever more rare river encounters a two or three day love fest. Being in the canyon, side hikes, takin' it all in, you know, fills my soul with sweetness. Its a bit of a drive from Sebastopol (5 hrs) so soaking up all the wild and scenic moments I can is living in the sweetness.

I remember back in the early days (1980's) grabin my fiberglass ol' school and just doing the run by myself between guiding for WWV or AO. I'd hang by the Clavey or hike way up N. Fork and bask - started looking like a lizard and acting like a dragonfly. Crazy!

Know what I mean?

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