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Topic: big wood in Simms run
Views: 5738
Forum: ArchivePost time: Dec 30, 2012Post Subject: big wood in Simms run
Watch for a large pine spanning over 3/4 river on Right turn just before the Rock fence @ mile 2. At 1000cfs not hard to go 'round if seen, higher water would pose more difficulty and worse, the ...
Topic: more big trees!
Views: 4025
Forum: HazardsPost time: Mar 3, 2012Post Subject: more big trees!
Paddled this section 0n 2-15-12 ago and another old-growth tree with fully branched trunk fell across 95% of the river in the middle of a good rapid about 2 miles below big springs (where 2 previous ...
Topic: Join us for Spring '11 access?
Views: 4462
Forum: Access IssuesPost time: Apr 26, 2011Post Subject: Join us for Spring '11 access?
New timber company Timber Vest (contact person Steve Ziggler 541-973-1951; sziegler@masonbruce.com) bought all land above gate, improved the road, considering unlocking gate to boaters signing a ...
Topic: Log in Sacramento River, Sims run
Views: 4604
Forum: HazardsPost time: Dec 19, 2009Post Subject: Log in Sacramento River, Sims run
There is an ugly log/strainer in the main (left) channel between miles 4 and 5 going into a right bend. All 5 of our party were able to paddle hard and just miss this, but the unaware or an ...
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