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Topic: North Fork American (Chamby) - sieve
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Forum: HazardsPost time: Feb 28, 2013Post Subject: North Fork American (Chamby) - sieve
I hear that there is a rock in one of the rapids in Royal Gorge that if you were upside down would hurt a bit. Let's flag that too. Seriously, that sieve is about as obvious as it gets and the ...
Topic: Lumsden land slide & Wards Ferry temporary closure
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Forum: ArchivePost time: Mar 7, 2011Post Subject: Lumsden land slide & Wards Ferry temporary closure
Lumsden Rd.: A slide has occurred 4 miles below the gate at Ferretti. We ran the long shuttle past the Cherry Creek put in and down river right, which was clear. Donít go in there without a 4WD with ...
Topic: Moke races this coming weekend!
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Forum: ArchivePost time: Sep 16, 2009Post Subject: Moke races this coming weekend!
The 21st annual mokelumne downriver and slalom races are this weekend (Sept. 19-20, 2009! For more information and pre-registration visit http://mokeraces.com/
Topic: Gun toting dog pack yielding landlord on Upper Coffee Creek
Views: 5747
Forum: Access IssuesPost time: Jun 3, 2009Post Subject: Gun toting dog pack yielding landlord on Upper Coffee Creek
Watch out for the land owner on Upper Coffee Creek with the large greenish resort on the shuttle. We were paddling downstream and found a drop littered with freshly cut foliage. I got out to scout ...
Topic: Multiple log jams
Views: 5635
Forum: HazardsPost time: Jun 3, 2009Post Subject: Upper Coffee Creek dangerous log
On upper coffee creek watch out for the log blocking the exit of a steep ledge drop about in the gorge next to the large gravel lot. The drop is about 2/3 the way down the gorge and the tree can not ...
Topic: new log on 'lowbin' section
Views: 5599
Forum: ArchivePost time: May 13, 2009Post Subject: log either gone or out of play
We paddled that section at both 800 CFS & 1200 CFS on 5/2/09. There were no trees that were serious issues, and the ones in the river were avoidable. happy paddling!
Topic: Expected Holm Powerhouse releases
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Forum: ArchivePost time: Apr 3, 2009Post Subject: Gate's open
Called the ranger today, it's open.
Topic: a woody san lo
Views: 6944
Forum: HazardsPost time: Dec 26, 2008Post Subject: a woody san lo
christmas day 08 - 300 CFS lot of wood on the san lo today. keep those eyes open. both of the class IVs have bad wood: the long rapid has a large log/stump just below the lip on the main line ...
Topic: Ventana Wilderness closed till spring
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Forum: Access IssuesPost time: Oct 30, 2008Post Subject: Ventana Wilderness closed till spring
A couple of weeks ago we headed to arroyo seco to hike down the canyon, and were instructed by a ranger at the park entrance the following: "The Ventana Wilderness and Arroyo Seco Gorge are ...
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