Hetch Hetchy Water and Power reports as follows:


Runoff is effectively over on the Tuolumne River. We have stopped spilling at Hetchy and Eleanor, and our power draft from Hetchy has dropped to our deliveries to the City. In addition, we have stopped the valve releases from Cherry Lake to accommodate preliminary valve repair work. The Cherry valves will remain closed (except required fish release) until August 28-31 (exact date depends on concrete curing time), at which point we will return to ~1500 cfs. We will update you when the date for Cherry valve move is set.



August 15-28

Hetchy Releases

130 cfs

Eleanor Releases

20 cfs

Cherry Releases

20 cfs

Kirkwood PH

0 cfs

Holm PH

950 cfs


1120 cfs

Any significant changes to the schedule will be posted on the bulletin board.