Hetch Hetchy Water and Power reports as follows:


As the snow melts out, our release are correspondingly changing. Here are some short to medium term anticipated releases:


1)      Hetchy releases are at 1000 cfs this afternoon. We anticipate releases to continue around 1000 cfs while we are spilling. Inflows have been steady at ~2200 cfs the past week. Once the inflows resume declining, spill will correspondingly decline. The magnitude and timing of the recession are uncertain, and will depend on weather and the amount of snow still upcountry. I expect another 7-14 days of spill, but would not be shocked if it was only 5 or over 20. This year is so unlike historic analogues, it is tough to predict.

2)      Eleanor has filled and is being managed to maintain full storage. Releases will match inflows, currently ~300 cfs. I anticipate release to decline from 300 cfs in the coming weeks.

3)      Cherry lowering continues. We are currently releasing 2000 cfs, and anticipate this to continue until the afternoon of August 6

a.       August 7 to August 30 (end date tentative) we will be closing the face valves for some preliminary valve work. During this period releases from Cherry Valley Dam < 20 cfs

b.      After August 30, releases will increase back to 2000 cfs

4)      Kirkwood Powerhouse will continues spilling 700 cfs until inflows to Hetchy drop below 1500 cfs. We anticipate this to occur between July 23rd and 31st. As inflows recede, KPH spill will correspondingly drop.

5)      Holm Powerhouse will continue full generation (950 cfs) through Labor Day


For the next week:



July 25 to 31

Hetchy Releases

500-1200 cfs

Eleanor Releases

100-300 cfs

Cherry Releases

2000 cfs

Kirkwood PH

300-700 cfs

Holm PH

950 cfs


3850 – 5150 cfs


Reminder: Flows can be found here:



Station 11274790 shows Tuolumne River inflows to Hetchy, which account for ~50-60% of inflows at this time. This is a good source for the pattern of inflows.

Station 11276500 shows Hetchy releases –as this moves towards 200 cfs, spill will cease and KPH releases will correspondingly drop.

Any significant changes to the schedule will be posted on the bulletin board.