Hetch Hetchy Water and Power reports as follows:


Yesterday we made last minute valve and generation changes for the day and through the weekend. Expect very high flows through the weekend.


Update on flows for June 21 to 26:

1)      Current releases from Hetch Hetchy are 8500 cfs.

a.       Due to the very hot weather, snowmelt has accelerated and inflows to Hetch Hetchy are above 10,000 cfs. An increase in releases will delay spill to the desired date.

2)      Eleanor continues to spill – inflows remain fairly high, and spill has remained steady at 200 cfs (for a total release of 950 cfs including the valves). Spill will follow inflows while the lake is full – for the next week, I expect that inflows will maintain some spill at Eleanor.

a.       The Eleanor gauge appears to be correct.

3)      Cherry Valve Releases are at 1000 cfs

a.       The maintenance requiring lower releases has been canceled. We expect to be at 1000 cfs from Cherry through the weekend

4)      Holm PH remain at 950 cfs.

a.       The maintenance requiring lower powerdraft has been canceled. We expect to be at 1000 cfs from Cherry through the weekend



*All flow estimates are estimates. Timing of valve moves is subject to change!

Expected Releases,

June 21-26 (cfs)

Cherry Lake


Holm PH


Lake Eleanor Valves


Lake Eleanor Spill


Hetch Hetchy


Kirkwood PH


Total HHWP releases





Here is a link to most of our stream gauges:



Any significant changes to the schedule will be posted on the bulletin board.