White Water Course at Nimbus Dam?

The Bureau of Reclamation is making changes to their fish weir in the Lower American below Nimbus Dam.   One of their alternatives for getting fish to the fish hatchery at Nimbus is an innovative "naturalized" fish channel that would run parallel to the river.   Depending on how the new fish channel is designed, this project may be part of later construction of a full-on white water slalom course at Nimbus (with over 46 foot of drop in less than a half mile).

This project is only the first of several decision making processes, but you can help by

  1. coming to one of two public meetings to discuss the project (see below for time and place) or
  2. writing a letter to the State Department of Parks asking them to include a white water park in their updated plans for the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (see the boof.com Discussion Forums for a fact sheet and draft letter).

Bureau of Reclamation meetings on the Nimbus Hatchery Weir Replacement Project are at the CSUS Aquatic Center, 1901 Hazel Avenue, 2nd Floor in Rancho Cordova.

For more information, contact Sam Cervantes of the Bureau, phone 916-978-5104 or Michael Picker, Sacramento Whitewater Course Committee

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