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Note: The following scheduled river flows are good-faith commitments by the operating agency or utility.  So, in general, these releases will actually happen.  However, for various operational, health, safety, legal and other reasons, things may go wrong, and the actual releases may be higher or lower than those scheduled here, or there could be no release.  So, always check just before your trip to see that flows are still scheduled.

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  1. The above table gives a synopsis of scheduled-release information for flow sites currently listed by Dreamflows.  Click on the links to access complete/current scheduled-release information.
  2. The above table lists scheduled-release information using an alias for each site name.  Possible entries are for the following California flow sites (listed in Dreamflows flow report order):
    AliasFull Description
    Trinity - Lewiston Trinity - Release From Lewiston Dam
    Pit - Below Pit 5 Pit River - Below Pit 5 Dam
    Clear Cr - Whiskeytown Clear Creek - Below Whiskeytown Lake
    NF Feather - Rock Creek NF Feather - Below Rock Creek Dam
    SF Feather - LGV SF Feather - Below Little Grass Valley Dam
    Canyon Cr - French Lake Canyon Cr - Below French Lake Dam
    MF American - Ralston MF American - Below Ralston Dam
    SF Silver - Ice House SF Silver Cr - Below Ice House Dam
    SF American - Slab Cr SF American - Below Slab Creek Dam
    SF American - Chili Bar SF American - Below Chili Bar Dam
    NF Moke - Devil’s Nose NF Mokelumne - Devil’s Nose Run
    NF Moke - Tiger Creek NF Mokelumne - Below Tiger Creek Dam
    Moke - Electra PH Mokelumne - Below Electra Powerhouse
    Stan - Goodwin Dam Stanislaus - Release Goodwin Dam
    Tuolumne - Holm PH Tuolumne - Release Holm Powerhouse
  3. This page includes only scheduled-release information that Dreamflows knows about.  So, if an entry isn't listed on this page, don't assume there is no scheduled release for it.
  4. Estimated releases (e.g. lavender entries on the Clear Creek - Whiskeytown Lake page) are speculative and therefore not included on this page.

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